Best Printers Under Rs 5000: For Office and Home Use

#3 HP DeskJet 2622 best printer

The demand of printers has been increasing very rapidly through this decade. People often get confused to choose best printer for home . Printers can be extremely useful if you are involved in a business or have to complete some daily tasks at home. Regardless of your needs, it’s very easy to choose a best printer for home under your budget.

There are various brands you can choose from. We have listed down few best printers for home for people with different requirement.

Benefits of Buying a Printer

To be talking about benefits of owning a printer , we can list down many benefits. But I would like to mention some reasons which will help you straight through that why you should invest your money in buying a printer

  1. Great range of printers are available for you to choose from.
  2. Can be used with various devices according to your needs and demands.
  3. No need to worry about print rates.
  4. They are easy to handle and provide good quality prints.

Beside these there are various other reasons to invest in a printer.

Best Printers Under 5000

The people who generally believe that buying a printer is a costly deal. So this article is for you as we are going to talk about five best printers cheap and complete for home use.In the end of this article you would have chose the best printer for yourself.

#1 Canon Pixma E477 

best printers Canon Pixma E477 

Canon Pixma are one of the best printer in India for home use. They known for their efficiency and performance.This Canon Pixma is an All-In-One Wireless printer and is also ink efficient. This is ideal for the customers who are looking great features set and wireless functionality.

It also has the best printer scanner attached to it which increases the prospects for buyers . Some of the best features are that it is very easy to setup, has an extremely easy control panel and its compact design comes with a lot of connectivity options.

So  if you are looking for an all rounder printer, Canon Pixma E477 is the one to go with.

#2 HP Deskjet 2135

hp deskjet 2135 best printers

One of the most popular brand for printers is HP. You can be assured from the brand that you will get the best after sales service as well. If you are looking for a value investment in printer than HP Deskjet is the one that you should choose because of its great features.

The best features about this printer is the high quality prints and flawless scans , its compact design , faster prints compared to any other printer and a wide range of connectivity options.

So if you are looking for an affordable and reliable printer for your home , then HP Deskjet 2135 is the one you want.

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#3 HP DeskJet 2622 

#3 HP DeskJet 2622 best printer

This is a feature rich and a printer with great brand value , then you can opt for HP Deskjet 2622. It has a durable body  and a very low maintenance cost. This is one of the best printer for home use because of its faster prints and a great resolution which makes it perfect for home and office both.

The important features of the Hp Deskjet 2622 is heavy duty cycles of 1000 pages a month, it efficiently prints, copies and scans the important documents with great precision and with its wide connectivity options, it becomes a great choice for buyers.

So as a buyer you should consider every feature and then make your decision.

#4 Canon Pixma 3077S 

Canon Pixma 3077S  best printers

If you are looking for a best printer from Canon then you should definitely take Canon Pixma 3077S into consideration . It has various features that makes it a tough competition for other printers in the same price range.

It is very easy to setup, has a compact design for home use and a reliable design which makes it easier to use.

So, Canon Pixma 3077S is a great buy and a better choice than many other printers

#5 HP Sprocket Plus

 HP Sprocket Plus best printer

There are many people who are already using a normal printer at home but looking for a different piece of technology or an extraordinary printer. So HP has brought a solution to people looking for extraordinary printers. HP Sprocket is a great and one of its kind printer.

The best features of this printer is that it has a pocket-size design, very easy to use and setup and it get easily connected with devices like  smartphones and tablets.

So this printer fits well for photo enthusiast and looking for a portable printer.


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