Best Power Banks Under Rs.1000: Buying Guide(2020)

5. Pebble PICO ( Small and Compact Power bank)

Power banks are an essential to-go gadget for most of the teenagers and office-going people as well. It is really handy when you are traveling or doesn’t have direct access to a power grid to charge your device.

The majority of the entry-level power banks fall under Rs.1,000 price range and picking the best out of it is challenging.

So if you are looking for Best Power Banks Under Rs.1000, then continue reading the article as we have brought a curated list of Best Power Banks Under Rs.1000.

Best Power Banks Under Rs.1000

1. Redmi Powerbank (Overall Best Pick)

redmi powerbank best power bank brand in indiaRedmi is a sub-brand of Xiaomi which is a Chinese brand operating in the Indian market for quite a time now. Recently, Redmi has also started focusing on smartphone accessories such as power banks, earphones, etc.

Redmi Powerbank comes packed with a Lithium- Polymer 10,000 mAh battery pack whereas the actual output capacity is near to 7000 mAh. The body of this power bank is made of anodized aluminum which can withstand a couple of falls without affecting much functionality of the power bank.

This power bank comes with two output ports that support fast charging supplying power up to 10W.

Xiaomi has tried to implement various measures to protect the internal circuits from surges or overheating of components.

A 4 LED battery level indicator helps you to determine the state of charge on the power bank.

The Redmi Powerbank supports 10W fast charging support that means if you have a compatible fast charger than you can charge the power bank quickly as compared to other conventional chargers. This feature is available in very few other devices at this price.


Battery Capacity 10,000 mAh
Weight 245g
Output Ports 2


  • Ergonomic design
  • Anti-slip texture chassis
  • Dual input port
  • No LED torch

So this was our top pick for Best Power Banks Under Rs.1000 and this power bank is priced at Rs.799. The Redmi power bank is one of the overall best power banks available right now in India.

2. Ambrane P1310 ( Runner Up Pick)

2. Ambrane P1310 ( Runner Up Pick) best power banks under Rs.1000

Ambrane is a popular Indian brand that is famous for its power banks, Bluetooth speakers, and tablets.

The Ambrane P1310 is a 13000 mAh power bank that succeeds in the popular Ambrane 1100.

This power bank comes with a matte polycarbonate plastic exterior and the rounded corners make this power bank enhances portability and also make it easy to grip.

It has a 13000 mAh battery that is too much for the price tag of under Rs.1000.

This product from Ambrane comes with a single micro USB input port for charging and two USB output ports for delivering the charge to external devices.

The output ports on this device are rated at 5V, 2.1A and 5V.1A each which makes simultaneous charging quicker when compared to others.

It has a LED indicator that clearly depicts the charging left in the device.

You can also use this power bank as a torch by holding on the power button.


Battery Capacity 13000 mAh
Weight 308g
Output Ports 2


  • Input over-voltage protection
  • Durable build quality
  • One year warranty
  • Bulky

Even though the power bank looks bulky and weighs around 308g, the amazing battery capacity and the robust build quality makes it a runner-up pick for Best Power Banks Under Rs.1000.

3. Lapguard LG803 ( Best Value For Money)

3. Lapguard LG803 ( Best Value For Money) Best power banks in india

Lapguard is an Indian brand that manufactures the cheapest power banks in the country at present.

The Lapguard LG803 is a 20,800 mAh box-shaped power bank that has a minimal design upfront. Though, the LED light and the digital battery level indicator go well the design. The power bank has from Lapguard has three output ports.

The battery of power bank can charge up to 5 average rated smartphone battery completely without any trouble.

The USB cable that comes in the box is too short and uncomfortable to use.

There is surge protection built-in so that sudden spike in voltage while charging won’t damage the device.

Lapguard provided a generous one year warranty on this product in case anything unfortunate happens in between.


Battery Capacity 20800Ah
Weight 440g
Output Ports 3


  • Intelligent power management
  • Flashlight torch
  • Short circuit protection
  • The supplied USB cable is too short


Lapguard LG803 is an affordable high-capacity power bank available in the market. Due to its extremely large battery capacity at so low price has made us put this power bank in the list of Best Power Banks Under Rs.1000.

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4. iPro IP1042 ( Best Portable Power Bank)

4. iPro IP1042 ( Best Portable Power Bank) best power banks under 1000

iPro IP1042 is a compact and portable power bank that has a battery capacity of 10,400 mAh.

This power bank only weighs 212g and can easily fit inside your jeans pocket or bags comfortably. The build quality of the power bank is decent. The outer body is made of plastic and it also has a power button and an LED status indicator in the front.

On the bottom side, two USB output ports are rated at 5V, 1A, and 2.1A respectively.

Even though the Lithium-ion battery inside has a capacity of 10,400 mAh but the actual output is near to 7050 mAh. With this, you can charge your smartphone at least 2 times on a single charge.

With this power bank, you can charge almost all smartphones available in the market.

The company provides a 1-year warranty with the product but it only covers manufacturing defects, if something else happens then you would have to pay for it.


Battery Capacity 10400mAh
Weight 212g
Output Ports 2


  • Easily pocketable
  • Flashlight
  • Lightweight
  • Average build quality
  • Limited warranty

5. Pebble PICO ( Small and Compact Power bank)

5. Pebble PICO ( Small and Compact Power bank)

The Pebble is a quite famous brand in the Indian market for their power banks. Pebble PICO is a portable micropower bank with a 10,000 mAh battery capacity.

The main USP of this power bank is the compact size factor rather than the large battery capacity. The device weighs around 250 g.

The body is made of plastic and has a textured finish. This gives a premium look to the device.

As usual, there are two USB output ports with 1A and 2.1A at 5V. The power bank gets charged in itself via a micro USB port.

Though the advertised battery capacity is 10000 mAh the actual output is near to 6800 mAh.

Despite the compact size, Pebble has made no compromises in surge shield protection.

The company employs a 10-way circuit protection mechanism to save the power bank and connected devices from over as well as under voltage damages.


Battery Capacity 10000mAh
Weight 250g
Output Ports 2


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Circuit protection measures
  • Excellent size to capacity ratio
  • Average quality USB charging cable

6. Syska Power Port 100 (Best Build Quality)

6. Syska Power Port 100 (Best Build Quality)

Syska is a leading manufacturer in the electronics accessories for the Indian market. They have products ranging from LED bulbs to speakers.

The Syska Power Port 100 is a 10,000mAh power bank that features one of the best in class battery packs inside, certified for user safety by the competent authorities.

The Syska Power Port 100 is made of high-quality ABS plastic which increases the durability of the product and makes it feel tough while holding it in hand.

The button is slightly raised which makes it accessibility easier.

The micro USB charging port and the output ports are located on the sides for easy accessibility.

The Syska Power Port 100 has a 10,000 mAh Li-Po battery pack which has been rigorously tested by government agencies to ensure the user’s protection.

Though the endorsed battery capacity is 10,000 mAh the actual output is 6,950 mAh which is enough to charge an average smartphone twice on a single charge.

This power bank comes with precise IC protection that reduces the risk of battery failure from overcharging and short circuit.

There is no LED torchlight present in this device.


Battery Capacity 10000mAh
Weight 281g
Output Ports 3


  • Premium construction
  • Six-month warranty
  • Overcharging protection
  • No torchlight


So this was the government certified power bank and it do deserve a place in the list of Best Power Banks Under Rs.1000.

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Buying Guide

There are many options available to buy from. But choosing the right power bank can be difficult. This is the reason we have brought this guide to help you with your buying decisions keeping every requirement in mind and budget as well.

1. Battery Capacity

When buying a power bank, battery capacity is the most important buying factor.

The battery capacity varies from product to product depending on the number of cells in the power bank.

There are mainly two types of battery- Lithium-ion battery and Lithium-Polymer battery. They don’t have much difference but Lithium-Polymer batteries are lightweight that makes them more durable against overheating and overcharging

2. Conversion Rate or Effective Output

Batteries inside the power banks are usually rated at 3.7V.

But the USB output from the power bank is rated at 5V.

The actual 5V capacity is given by the equation (3.7 x advertised capacity / 5).

Suppose if a manufacturer sells 10000mAh power bank with an advertised conversion rate of 90 %, the actual 5V capacity of that power bank will be ( 3.7 x 10000 /5 ) = 7400mAh.

With the conversion rate of 90%, the actual capacity available to charge devices will be ( 90% of 7400mAh) = 6660mAh.

3. Number of Output Ports

A power bank can be used to charge multiple devices simultaneously so the number of output ports in a power bank matters a lot.

Some power bank has only 1 output port at 2.1A and some have 2 or 3 ports at 2.1A and 1A.

So choose wisely before investing your money for your best power bank.

4. Design

The design of a power bank is really important because you can’t carry an ugly looking power bank at your workplace, school, or anywhere you are traveling.

Good design makes you more comfortable and easy-going with the device.

5. Portability

An ideal power bank should be lightweight i.e, should way near to 200 grams.

A bulky power bank will be difficult to carry on the go in your pocket. It should fit nicely in your hand.

Hence portability is a paramount factor for buying the best power bank for yourself.


We have listed down the Best Power Banks Under Rs.1000 for you with the proper buying guide for it. You can choose your ideal device according to your requirements and budget.

If you have any questions related to the article, let us know in the comment section below.

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