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If you are wondering about the best phones under 15000, this article might turn out to be a game changer for you. Well, who doesn’t want the best ever phone in a budgeting price? I guess, every single person. Still, you wander from site to site aiming to get the best smartphone under 15000 but end up in vain.

So, what you will get from this article? Here in this article, we will uncover the best phones under 15000 android which you will surely love, to the core.

In addition, each mobile will have their USP’s which will make you more eager to buy them, much sooner.

Hence, let us take a leap ahead, grab each other’s hand and go on an unending journey of the best phones under 15000.

Take a look at the Top 10 Best Phones Under 15000


1. Xiomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

best phones under 15000

Xiomi is having a blast 2018 when it comes to the selling of Smartphones. Yes, without any doubt, the Xiomi Redmi Note 5 Pro is winning hearts all over India. Why? There is a whole plethora list of features packed in this mighty beast.

Starting with the processor, its Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 SoC, the Xiomi Redmi note 5 pro is probably the best android phone under 15000.

As per the looks, it is made of a metal body finish which makes it extremely durable, stylish and flawless as ever. For battery juice lovers, it packs a massive 4000mAh battery which can provide you with juice for a day or even two.

Camera lovers, make your eyes towards the Xiomi Redmi Note 5 Pro. It sports a dual-rear camera setup which grabs, even the finest details. In addition, it comes with a portrait mode which brings you amazing selfies, in no time.

Covering each thing up, hunting for one of the best phones under 15000, the Xiomi Redmi Note 5 pro is my first preference.

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2. Xiomi Mi A1

best phones under 15000 android

Having priced slightly above 15000, still, you can manage with that inch of price distance. We know that the Redmi Note 5 Pro is ruling the current Indian Budget cell phone market, you really can’t miss on the Xiomi Mi A1.

If you are a Xiomi as well as a stock android lover, the Xiomu Mi A1 can suffice all your needs to an absolute level of perfection. This is company’s very first Android A1 device and is promising over a dozen things.

The Design of the Xiomi Mi A1 is a complete metal built and its sleek look makes this device, par excellence.

In addition, for photography lovers, this beast packs in 12+12 MP camera which can snap even the smallest detail with perfection.

Ranging from the built quality to an excellent battery performance, at 15000, you cannot ask for more, right?

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3. Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

best phones under 15000 in india

In an ending list of the best phones under 15000, the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 has to be in the Top 3. Well, there are multiple of some fantastic reasons to justify such a statement.

Talking about similarity, it resembles the Redmi Note 5 Pro but comes with stock Android, out of the box. In addition, in terms of the hardware, both the devices share a resemblance to the highest extent.

Moving ahead, apart from its internal specifications, the design part is crucial too, Right? Hence, the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 has a sturdy built quality and can last years without breaking.

In addition, this mighty beast comes with the 16-megapixel dual camera right at the back for engraving exceptional pictures altogether.

Reading much about the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 and don’t know its exceptional feature? Well, it is none other than the Battery. This phone packs a 5000mAH battery which can last upto 2 days, for sure.

As of now, the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 is the best smartphone under 15000 with good battery backup.

Buy From: Flipkart

4. Oppo Realme 1

best phones under 15000

Want one of the best Smartphone under 15000 at a cheaper price; the Oppo Realme 1 has the strength to fulfill your desires. Yes, this new entrance budget phone from Oppo is spreading positive vibes across every new Oppo Smartphone.

Talking about the variants, this phone pack 2 of them. Where the first one comes with a 4GB Ram and 64GB inbuilt while the other offers a massive 6GB Ram and a whopping 128GB Space.

Further, the design section looks quite sturdy and can withstand over a series of drop tests with ease.

Coming to the battery section, yes it has a 3450mAH battery which can give you juice for around one day, with ease.

Buy From:

4GB+64GB:    Amazon

6GB+128GB:  Amazon

5. Moto G6

best mobile under 15000

While the year 2018 still doesn’t look good for Motorola, the Moto G6 can turn the tides around for Motorola. This phone is the 6th installment of a brand like Motorola which comes with a lot more promise.

Starting with the design, it is a glass design which competes well with the Moto X4. In addition, the display is a little bigger i.e. 5.7 inches and comes with 1080×2160 resolution which is quite amazing.

Thinking about the main highlight of the Moto G6? It is none other than the camera section. Yes, without any doubt, the 12+5 MP camera has the ability to capture even the finest details.

Although this phone comes with Snapdragon 450, still this is one of the best phones under 15000 considering other features, Moto G6 packs in.

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6. Xiomi Mi Max 2

top 10 mobiles under 15000

Are you a massive display lover who likes to do everything, the King Way? If yes, then the Xiomi Mi Max 2 is one of the best phones under 15000 in India for you.

Still sharing the same hardware as the Redmi Note 4, this gigantic beast is still among the hit list of the most selling phones by Xiomi.

Right from the first view, you will witness the massive 6.44-inch display which looks crisp, vibrant and clear from every angle.

Further, to support such a large display, the 5300 mAH battery does an excellent job to make your juice last more than usual.

In addition, it comes with a 12MP Single camera which is impressive and can take decent snaps on the go. Last but not the least, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 has the ability to give you smoother all-around experience without any doubt.

Buy From: Amazon

7. Honor 7X

best phones under 15000

Known as the cut-down variant of the Honor 9i, the Honor 7X still impresses in every aspect. Starting with the processor, it runs on the Kirin 659 SoC which is Honor’s mid-range processor.

Snap Lovers, you will enjoy taking photos as the Honor 7X incorporates 16+2 MP Camera setup which is more than impressive. Wondering about the Selfies? The Honor 7X has an 8MP camera which takes decent shots, at home, low lighting or even outdoors.

Coming to the display, the Honor 7X packs a 5.93-inch display which gives an excellent resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels.

Altogether, if your budget is slightly above 15000, the Honor  7X is one of the coolest choice, without any doubt. Still, for the future, pricing will drop and you can buy this gem with whole ease and comfort.

Last but not the least, the battery capacity of 3340mAH can give you 1-Day Juice from moderate to heavy usage.

Buy From: Amazon


8. Honor 9 Lite

best android phone under 15000

Coming down to the end sections of the best phones under 15000, the Honor 9 Lite can be one of the best options.

Keeping an eye on the processor, the Honor 9 Lite has the Kirin 659 SoC which is blazing fast. It can handle multiple tasks with flawless and in an easy manner.

Stalking at its design, it is one of the rarest phones which comes with a glass panel back and looks good. In terms of the durability section, it’s quite sturdy but needs an extra case to protect the shining glass body construction.

Unlike other phone companies, Honor 9 Lite packs a Four Camera setup which is unique, marvelous and extraordinary. With a four-camera setup, snap taking experience is bound to become better and full of excitement.

In addition, it boasts of 3 GB RAM and a32GB Storage which will be more than sufficient for a moderate user.

Coming down to the juice section, it packs a 3000mAH battery which can provide you a day-usage in moderate usage.

Buy From: Flipkart


9. Xiomi Redmi 5

best smartphone under 15000 with good battery backup

Just like its predecessors, the Xiomi Redmi 5 is an evolution version of the Xiomi Redmi Note 4. But this time, it is a bit more powerful and impressive altogether.

It boasts of the latest Snapdragon mid-range processor, the 4-series which give an excellent performance and gaming experience.

Coming down to the RAM and storage, it has a 2 GB RAM and a 16GB internal will be pretty fine for normal users.

In terms of the camera section, there is a single rear camera of 12 MP and a front camera of 5 Pixels. Hence, as per the camera performance, the Xiomi Redmi 5 does a pretty good job in taking pictures with detailing.

In addition, the 3300 mAH Battery can last long throughout the day to provide you hand in executing your day to day tasks.

Overall, even if your budget is under 10000, the Xiomi Redmi 5 is one of the best mobiles under 15000.

Buy From: Amazon


10. Moto G5 Plus

best phones under 15000

Last but not the least, the Moto G5 Plus finally makes up the list of the best phones under 15000. While there are other pretty good devices coming from Motorola, the Moto G5 Plus is still the Lone King.

Although the Moto G5 Plus doesn’t sport a dual camera, still it has the ability to take marvelous shots.

Talking about the display, the Moto G5 Plus comes with a 5.2 Inch 1080 x 1920 display which is super vibrant.

In terms of the camera section, it boasts of a 12MP Rear Camera and a 5MP front camera. With which, you can take some amazing shots both in low-light condition as well as daylight with ease and comfort.

Summing up, it incorporates a 3,000 mAH battery and the availability of Snapdragon 625 processor completes the whole package.

Buy From: Flipkart

Final Verdict: Best Phones Under 15000 in India

Well, let’s face it. Every time we hear about the latest upcoming budget Smartphone, the level of excitement fondly increases.

Hence, as per the latest updates, I have given an overview of the top 10 mobiles under 15000. And, “I hope you must have picked at least one Smartphone for your next buy.”

So what’s next? Let me know in the comment section, Which Smartphone you liked the most. And, I will be glad to make a full in-depth review of that particular Smartphone.

Until then, share this article with your loved ones, buy one of the above best phones under 15000. And expand your creativity and productivity far more with enthusiasm and amusement.


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