Best Parenting Books for New Parents in 2020

Best Parenting Books for New Parents

So, you are recently married couples and enjoying your newly married life, Right? There’s much more in the couple’s life than just spending time with each other.

Besides getting married, the very next stage is parenting, where almost every couple truly struggles. Ranging from raising your newborn baby to taking care, every single minute, this is one of the most challenging parts. 

Being a parent is a fantastic feeling, but how you raise your kid defines your parenting.

Hence, intending to let you learn to parent, “The Right Way,” I have discovered some of the Best Parenting Books for New Parents.

What each book has unique to enhance the overall parenting experience? Well, for that, let’s jump into the topic and discover each book’s content, one by one.

 Best Parenting Books for New Parents Must Read

 1. Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care

Best Parenting Books for New Parents Dr Spocks

Among the best parenting books, if you are searching for the best one, Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care is a gem find. Yes, this is known as the children’s bible, and for years, this book is teaching parents how to grow a baby, right from their birth.

For seven decades and to update every minute topic, you will find this book truly useful. Most essential topics which this book covers include childhood obesity, environmental health, immunizations, family structures, and much more. Overall, if you want to raise your child the perfect way and free from diseases, Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care is a must to have one.

2. Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby’s First Year

Best Parenting Books for New Parents Mayo Clinic Guide

Want to get a book from doctors who are parents too? If the answer is yes, then this book can be one of the best choices for you.

All of us know that the birth of a baby is a happy moment. But, not all of us realize the series of hardships that will come afterward.

Hence, with the Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby’s First Yearbook, you can be absolutely at ease, and it covers a different number of essential topics. Here, some of the most important topics included are handling illness, baby’s development, detailed month by month baby growth chart, and much more.

Finally, if you have a newborn baby, buying this book can make your’s as well as your baby’s life much more comfortable and peaceful.

3. The Whole-Brain Child

Best Parenting Books for New Parents the whole brain child

Almost every parent wants to raise their children correctly, but not all we know, the right tactics. Hence, by reading The Whole-brain child book, you can nurture your child, the scientific approach, and help him/her grow happily.

This book takes an all-new scientific approach and is written by a parenting expert along with a neuropsychiatric. Further, despite being a scientific approach method, the book is written in the most natural way, which even a layperson can understand.

All in all, this book gives a straightforward guide to growing happier kids, along with dealing with aside daily activities.

4. Parenting with Love and Logic

Best Parenting Books for New Parents parenting with love and logic

If you are seeking a book that can raise your children to become a better human being, this is it. Yes, parenting with love and logic is one of those few books which focuses on temperament and children’s development right from scratch.

Hence, this book will help you to lay down ground strategies to build your children’s character and suppress unnecessary desires. Lastly, it will make your children feel fulfilled, release anger, and live a calm and happy life, altogether.

5. The Conscious Parent

Best Parenting Books for New Parents the conscious parent

Before we raise our child, the most important thing is to develop ourselves first, Right? Hence, among the best parenting books to date, the Conscious Parent does the second job in shaping parents as well as children’s minds.

It’s a mindful approach that can enable parents to resolve issues and bring out the best in their children. After this, parents, along with children, can live a relaxing and balanced life which almost every one of us dreams of.

Hence, if you are willing to upgrade yourself a notch higher and then start teaching your kids the same, the Conscious Parent is a must-buy for you.

6. The Happiest Baby on the Block

Best Parenting Books for New Parents the happiest baby on the block

Thousands of mom & dads who had their first baby have come across this book to seek some good help. In this book, you can get remarkable and working techniques to make your babies feel relaxed and sleep much faster than usual.

Other than that, the book keeps on revising, and the latest updates are regularly included in this book. Out of which, bed-sharing, swaddling, SIDS risk, breastfeeding are some of the most prominent topics you can find in this book.

Further, the four successful concepts on which, “The Happiest Baby on the block” focuses on is as follows: The Fourth Trimester, The Calming Reflex, The Cuddling Cure, The 5 S’s Hence, if you are looking for a book that can answer even the tiniest of your queries, this book is sure to buy one.

7. What to Expect the First Year

Best Parenting Books for New Parents what to expect the first year

Babies are gifts from God, which every Mom and Dad must thank every minute of their day. Thus, raising those babies stands to be a challenging task, and you will undoubtedly need a parenting guide for the same.

You are announcing a revolutionary and revised edition of “What to expect the First year” where you can find your lost baby-related answers, all here. Here, you get a detailed guide to take care of your baby, whereas practical tips, relatable information, and realistic advice forms the center of importance.

Also, you will even get to study different fundamentals, such as sleeping safety tips, vitamin supplements, and breastfeeding. Finally, the topics are organized in the most accessible manner, which can help you to read, learn, and take care of your child, “The LOVING WAY.”

8. Baby 411

Best Parenting Books for New Parents baby 411

You are having a pretty baby! Wholeheartedly congratulations! Now, as and when you dig deeper, this happiness can eventually fade away. Hence, intending to let you take care of your newborn baby, the Baby 411 is a complete guidebook.

What else can you think of this book? Well, you can think of this book as a perfect FAQ guide which has answers to almost every of your baby-related question.

Take a look at the stuff you will learn from this book:

  • How to choose a pediatrician: get amazing insider tips
  • Sleep: The best possible way to make your baby sleep fast
  • First Aid: What to do when your baby gets sick? The first aid section has got answers for every sickness-related query
  • Nutrition Information: Step by step guide to breastfeeding and improved recipes to give your child the desired nutrition.


Final Word of Mouth: Best Parenting Books For New Parents Must Read

Although you may think parenting as a steep task, if done gracefully and with proper guidance, it can be one of the best feelings, without any doubt.

Being a parent, taking care of your baby must stand to be the priority. Hence, for that, if there is a need for proper guidance, you should not think twice before going for one.

Every single one of us wants to become the world’s best parents, and for that, you can’t miss the books mentioned above.

Thus, what really you will do know? Well, take a step ahead, go through each of the above given best parenting books. And after sheer research, get the best one, as per your preference.

Finally, if you will become successful in raising your kids, they will thank every bit of their life for your grateful parenting. And, you, as a parent, can see your children achieve great heights of success and glory in their future lives.

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