{Top 7} Best Note Counting Machine In India – 2021 (Reviews)

Best Note Counting Machine In India

Those days are long gone when people had to count bundles of money themselves in the bank. Now, Note Counting machines have taken over the baking industry and has removed a big load from them.  They use it to count large volumes of money that are being deposited into the bank on daily basis.

These note counting machines now are also being used at hotels, retail shops, etc where transaction amount is higher than usual. Not just for the banks and business environments, the cash counter machines are very useful for individuals who deal with large sums of money, especially where there is a huge problem of fake currencies in India.

Finding the fake currencies is one of the biggest problem in India.

So choosing the best note counting machine in India is very important to deal with this problem.

Before seeing the best money counting machine in India, let’s see some more benefits of having a good note counting machine before deciding to buy one for yourself.

Benefits of Using Money Counting Machines

1. Money Counting Machines are Accurate 99.9% of the Time

Humans can easily make mistakes while counting huge stacks of money due to many reasons such as carelessness, fatigue, etc. But machines don’t go any of these. Machines rarely make a mistake.

Our only mistake while using the note counting machines can be that the notes are not separated properly.

2. Automatic Note Counting Machines Save Time

One of the best things about the cash counting machine is that it can save a lot of time as it can count huge amounts of money within a minute or so which is way lesser when compared to humans.

Just place the stack of notes (with the same denomination) in the machine and see the magic for yourself. You don’t have to recount those notes and waste your time.

3. Rupee Counting Machines are Portable & Convenient

Most of the note counters available in the market are portable and convenient.

Even dual-powered machines are available in the market. They work on both battery and electricity. This is one of the most exciting features of the money counting machine in India.

4. Cash Counter Machines Come with Fake Note Detector

Daily new fake currency notes are being circulated in the market and they are made with so precision that most humans cannot differentiate between a real and fake currency note.

Fake denominations are definitely a great loss to your business as well as the economy.

That’s why many of the note counting machines in India now have the ability to detect counterfeit currency rather than just counting notes.

So, in order to simplify your business operations and avoid any impact on your business growth due to fake currency notes, it is recommended to invest in the best note counting machine from a reputable brand.

Best Note Counting Machine in India 2021

1. Godrej Crusader Lite Note Counter Machine

1.Godrej Crusader Lite Note Counter Machine best note counting machine in india

Godrej is one of the top brands in India when it comes to best office security and storage equipments.

The Crusader Lite is one of the most advanced currency counters with UV light, infrared & magnetic sensors to detect fake, torn, and double notes and automatically stops when it finds one.

It can accommodate 300 notes at a time.

It looks stylish and is ideal for place where the cash handling is high.

It can support old and new currency notes.

For any assistance, you can call Godrej customer care @ 1800 209 9955. It has a counting speed of 1000 notes per minute and includes multiple features like batching, adding, and self-examination of half-notes and broken notes.  

  • Stylish design
  • Foldable dual display screen for owner & customer
  • Supports all types of currency notes (old & new)
  • Best brand
  • Easy to use operation
  • Costly

2. OOZE Notes Counting Machine

2.ooze Notes Counting Machine best money counting machine in india

Ooze is another note counter with ability to detect fake currency notes. It has a external display which can be useful when you need to show data to the customer. You can simply put the  external display close to the customer.

It counts the money very fast and displays the result on the LED display.

This note counting machine is compatible to count new currency notes.

It uses UV, watermark sensor and magnetic sensors to count & find counterfeit notes and interestingly, the machine also supports foreign currencies like USD and EUR along with INR.

The counting speed is 1000 notes per minute. Hopper capacity is 15 mm and Stacker capacity is 30 mm.

  • Easy to use
  • Very fast counting
  • Supports foreign currencies too (dollars & euros)
  • 1-year warranty
  • No extra display for clients

3. SToK ST-MC01 Cash Counting Machine

3.SToK ST-MC01 Cash Counting Machine

After complete research, we found the SToK ST MC01 to be the best cash counting machine in India with fake note detector and other advanced features.

It is compatible with old and new INR denominations – Rs.10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 2000.

It has a hopper size of 300 notes and stacker capacity of 200 notes at a time.

The machine can automatically detect half notes, fake notes and double notes with perfection with use of its UV light and magnetic sensors.

Some other features include automatic start/stop, clearing, batching, adding and self-examination.

  • Easy to use
  • Auto batching and examination
  • Supports all types of notes – half, double etc
  • Not effective in counting the fragile notes

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4. SToK ST-MC05 Currency Counter Machine

4. SToK ST-MC05 Currency Counter Machine best currency counting machine

STok ST-MC05  is the advanced verssion of its predecessor ST-MC01 and has a unique design , beep function and LCD display.

It is compatible with old and new INR notes -Rs.10, 20, 50,100,200, 500 & 2000.

It can also be used for international currencies such as USD and EURO etc.

It uses Magnetic IR and UV to detect fake notes, double notes and half notes.

It has a Hopper Capacity – 130pcs & a Stacker Capacity – 130pcs.

It’s counting speed is 1000 notes per minute.

  • Supports old and new notes
  • Easy to use: Auto and Manual
  • Can detect half note, defected notes etc…
  • 1 year warranty
  • Nothing much

5. GOBBLER GB5388 Currency Counting Machine

5.GOBBLER GB5388 Currency Counting Machine

The different feature that this note counting machine has that it displays the information of waste notes on the monitor.

But like many others, this note counting machine also uses magnetic sensor and UV light to detect fake currency and chain notes easily.

Another good thing is that it can count the USD (American dollars) without any issues and supports all INR denominations starting from Rs.10 to Rs.2000 and new Rs.50 and Rs.200 notes.

Some other features include automatic self-examination, start/stop and batching.

It also has a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

This is undoubtedly one of the best note counting machine in India.

  • Fast Counting Speed
  • Best Cash Counting Machine For Sale
  • 200 notes stack capacity
  • Works continously up to 2 hours at a stretch
  • Noiseless
  • No cons as such

6. Maxsell Mx50 Money Counting Machine

6.Maxsell Mx50 Money Counting Machine

This note counting machine is capable of counting all new currency notes such as Rs.50,  Rs.200, Rs.500 and Rs. 2000 without any issues.

It is very smooth and efficient and has a counting speed 1000 notes per minute . This currency counting machine has hopper capacity of 200 and stacker capacity of 200 notes.

There is an LCD display with error indication alarm.

It’s display changes color when fake note is detected.

It has UV light and Magnetic sensors to find the fake currency notes automatically.

It’s build is durable and has a unique design.

  • Sometimes, it needed hopper adjustment to ease stacking of notes
  • Fast counting speed
  • Easier to use modes
  • Built-in dust collector
  • External display unit for customers
  • Also supports batching
  • Good build quality
  • Makes a little noise while in operation

7. Kross IS 5900 bs Money Counting Machine

7.Kross IS 5900 bs Money Counting Machine

This is one of the best note counting machine in India under Rs.8000, then you can opt for Kross IS 5900 bs without any hesitation.

The machine has a counting speed of 1000 notes per minute and can accommodate 200 notes at a time.

This machine has the hopper capacity of 15 mm and Stacker capacity of 30 mm.

It can count notes as well as detect fake currencies using the UV and Magnetic IR sensors.

It can be used for international currency such as USD .

The product comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty and you can contact Kross customer care @ 9029888499.

This note counting machine is ideal for restaurants, supermarkets and some other small businesses.

  • Easy operation
  • Touch keypad is handy
  • Supports foreign currencies
  • Can detect double notes, broken or fake notes
  • Complimentary dust free storage bag
  • It makes noise at high speed

Buying Guide For Best Note Counting Machine

You can buy any money note counting machine from the above list. But before buying a fake note detecting currency note counting machine, you should consider some of these factors into consideration.

1. Type of Money Counting Machine

There are two types of note counting machine – electric powered and portable.

  • Electric Powered Note Counter:  This type of counting machine cannot be taken everywhere with you It is usually feasible for small commercial businesses. It can come with several other advanced features such as sorting trays etc. It needs electricity to operate and can count large amounts of money.
  • Portable Note Counter: It is simply a battery operated currency counting machine, which is easy to transport and lightweight. It counts considerably less quantity of notes compared to electric powered counter but comes with a fake note detecting feature.

2. Counting Speed

To save your precious time, you should invest your money in a machine that can count maximum number of notes per minute.

An average a note counting machine can count up to 900 to 1500 notes per minute.

3. Multiple Counting Options

You’ve 3 different types of counting machines – counter, mixed bill and bill sorter.

Bill Sorter: It is a mix of both – counter and mixed bill. They also have multiple trays for separating currencies into sacks of their own denomination.

Counter: Simply counts & displays the number of notes kept inside the machine regardless of their value. (Ex: if you place 100 qty of 2000 rupee notes, then it just shows the count as 100). Helpful when you’ve kept all the notes in perfect sync.

Mixed Bill Counter: This option evaluates the currency value and also displays the count. (Ex: if you add a denomination of 10 x Rs.50 + 10 x Rs.100 + 4 x Rs.500, then it displays the value as Rs.3500 and the count as 24).

4. Batch Feature

There are few machines that can automatically stop at the pre-set number and can manually strap the cash in batches for deposit.

5. Error and Counterfeit Note Detection

One of the biggest issue all types of business face is fake currency notes. So if you are thinking of buying a note counting machine then it’s best if it has a fake note counter detector.

6. Hopper Size and Type

Along with counting speed, you should also make sure that the hopper size is adequate so that you can insert multiple notes at once.


What is the best money counting machine?

Hundreds of money counting machine are available in the market. If you want to use the machine on regular basis then go for branded counting machines due to high accuracy. You can buy these money counting machines.
1. Godrej Crusader Lite Note Counter Machine
2. OOZE Notes Counting Machine
3. SToK ST-MC01 Cash Counting Machine
4. SToK ST-MC05 Currency Counter Machine
5. GOBBLER GB5388 Currency Counting Machine
6. Maxsell Mx50 Money Counting Machine
7. Kross IS 5900 bs Money Counting Machine

What is the price of note counting machine?

N numbers of note counting machines are available in the market that can be found for ₹ 1000 to ₹ 10,000 and above. You want a good quality note counting machine then you can get 4000 to 6000 in digital and accurate note counting machine. For that you will get, you can read this article which our team has written after doing a lot of research.


So, in this article we have provided the best note counting machine in India , benefits of having a money counting machine and the complete buying guide.

You can choose any note counting machine you like according to your budget and requirements.

Let us know if you have any question in the comment below.

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Cheers To All!!


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