Best News Apps in India 2021

best news apps in india

Here we are going to tell you about the best news apps in India that you can install on your phone. News apps are the new players in the market of news selling.

A decade ago, news channels were the only option that we had for getting the information from the outside world.

Two decades ago, newspapers and magazines were famous for the same reason. Sometimes, we refer to the current time as the age of the internet. Now, the Internet came out as the greatest tool that we have in our hands to get that information.

The curiosity of every human being compels them to utilize the power of the internet to access the latest news as soon as possible.

Choosing the best news app for Android in India or for iPhone is more than just about the looks of the app. The quality of a news app solely depends upon the integrity of news provided by the editors.

Also, we are digging deep into different categories of news apps like the best financial news apps in India or the best English news apps in India. So, you can choose any of them according to your preferences and requirements.

Inshorts App

best news app for android 2020 Inshort

Inshorts App is a very fairly new player in the current market. The only reason we are putting it at the first rank is that this mobile app is one the fastest ways you can get any news on your phone for free.

This news providing service basically takes news from many big sources and serves them to you on one single platform. There are many categories in the app that you can subscribe to.

This app has clearly proven its potential and became one of the best news apps for Android in India.

The download count of this app on the android play store has been increasing day by day. That proves how much people are loving and appreciating the quality of information that they are providing with one click. The app gets filled with new updates and information every second.

They also make use of push notifications for faster news delivery.

AP news 

best news app in india 2020 Ap news

AP news app has been existing in the market for quite a while. Behind this app, there is a huge team of reporters and editors, who work day in day out.

AP news is very famous for its coverage and quality of content that they manage to maintain every time.

Now talking about the mobile app, the app is fairly simple and provides fact-based news. This app is not like other apps who tend to fill their feed with glamour and useless rumors.

People who enjoy reading fact-based crisp news will love this app for sure.

Therefore, this app has been emerging as one of the best apps for news in India. AP news app is available in the English language so you can use it as the best English news app in Indian.

They also feature different categories of news with the app and you can easily find whatever you are looking for. 

The Economic Times: Sensex, Market & Business News

best news app for android 2020 Economics times

If you are a business enthusiast who loves getting updated with the latest business news, then this is the best business app in India for you. The Economic Times is a very prominent newspaper selling firm.

Every year, this app comes on the top of our best financial news apps rank list in India.

Not only this, but the news article by Economic times also utilizes a decent vocabulary. So, if you are browsing for the best English news app, this would be our recommendation.

This app updates the market prices almost instantaneously and it is very coherent for a business endeavor.

This app also helps young entrepreneurs in understanding different business techniques, investment trends, market trends, etc. 


best news app for android 2020 daily hunt

DailyHunt is another very popular news app on the Android, Apple, and Windows app stores. The source which they are using for getting the information is newspapers from different states. That increases their reliability and consistency of providing relevant news on a daily basis.

Not only newspapers but they now also serve instant updates on their app. So if you like reading newspapers you will love this particular app a lot. This app also features multilingual support. You can read the news in regional languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, etc.

That makes it one of the best news apps in India. This app is made just for targeting Indian audiences and the app is very much customized for Indian users. Also, they feature newspaper cuttings and photos. 


Best news app for android 2020 NDTV

NDTV is a very well known TV channel in India. Clearly, they have a huge team of reporters and news anchors to support their news coverage. NDTV is the only app in our list that provides regular and good quality video news content within the app.

So, if you like listening to the news rather than reading news articles, this app is for you. The active users of this app combined with active viewers of their channel make this news app the best news app in India.

This app has everything that is required or needed for the Indian news market. With the app, you can also listen to the live audio telecast of TV channels like NDTV profit and NDTV Good Times. 

Google NewsBest News Apps in India 2021 1

Google news is a news service created by Google. Available on three platforms i.e. Android, Web and iOS, it was first launched on 22nd September, 2002 and later the app version in January, 2006.

Google news provides a continuous flow of articles acquired from thousands of magazines and publishers and is available in a total of 35 languages from all over the world. Each day thousands of fresh news updates are released on Google news which are categorized under different sections.

In this way, you can also make a choice to what type of news you would like to read and be updated on. The app version of this site also gives you access to important events of the day and an option to either get just the gist or the detailed information about those.

The in-built system of this news accumulator even provides the alternative to reading the article that is to save or download any particular news to access it later easily.


PressReader is a news app that works on monetary subscriptions. It is not free to use, so it might not be first choice for anyone but the quality of news PressReader provides are undeniable and of top quality as we get access to more than 7,000 magazines and newspapers from all across the world.

There is no issue of ads and paywalls in using PressReader since it is paid. You can get access to both web and app versions which can be downloaded from any play store. The price for using the advanced features of this app is 30 dollars a month.

The interface is divided into categories that help you to choose what news or article you would like to read, all of which are available in over 60 languages.

One of the best part of PressReader is that you can even get offers from various institutions like libraries and hotels to get free access to it.

Final Words

Finding the best app for news is a big deal as fake news is pretty much trending nowadays. Finding an app that provides reliable news without any gossip and glamour is very troublesome.

Reading news from an app is a much better way as news apps tend to provide information at an extensively faster rate.

Also, most of the news apps available are free to download from the app store or Android play store. So, you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on buying newspapers or tv channel providers.

These were our top picks for the best news app in India list. We hope that this will help you choose the best news app in accordance with your requirements.

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