[Top 5] Free Best Internet Speed Test Site To Check Download Speed in 2021

best internet speed test site

If my internet is not working the first step I do is I check my internet speed by visiting some internet speed test sites, I know most of you guys also do the same. Related to that today in this post I will be sharing the free best internet speed test sites to check the download and upload speed of your internet connection.

I am a business owner so I have to have a track of internet speed and connection issues. My whole business is online if my internet sucks for 30 mins it means it can cause a huge loss to my business.

Best Internet Speed Test Sites

1. SpeedTest

One of the most popular websites to test internet speed. This website is owned by Ookla global broadband speed test website. You get a free analysis of your internet service provider, download and upload speed of your broadband.

Speedtest ookla

It’s easily visible in the above image that I am using an Airtel connection and getting ping 34ms, the Download speed of 44.40 Mbps, Upload speed of 7.09 Mbps. You might see some google ads on Speedtest.net as that is the major revenue stream of that website.

You can say a major 80% of people use this website to check their internet speed and this is one of the best internet speed test sites.

Speedtest.net provides you accurate data when you run the speed test for 3 to 4 times.

2. Test My net

Here on this web app, you can check your download speed, upload speed separately. easy to use interface and loved the loading speed of the site as it loads in 0.022 seconds.

internet speed test

you can after checking my internet broadband speed With testmy.net it is showing my download speed 27.pMbps. Likewise, you also can check your upload speed.

3. Bandwidth Place

bandwidth place internet speed test

Bandwidth Place is one of the finest tools to test your internet speed. They also offer you to find out the best available Internet service providers in the United States helps you to compare different plans which suit your requirement.

They also offer you broadband news, connected business, and a list of US-based ISP details on the go. You can find any Internet service providers with just typing pin code of any area in the United States.

4. Intel Speed Test

This site is made for gamers you can check the speed of your internet. Personal thought PuBG is my favorite game does mention your favorite game is the comment section.

Intel is majorly into the processor manufacturing industry and its main focus on this web-based app is to sell PCs and laptops.

5. Airtel broadband speed test 

While in my research I found Airtel is also providing you a web-based application to check the internet speed of your broadband as you can see in the below picture.

check internet speed with airtel

If you want to check your internet speed then you need to click on the button ‘Test Speed Now’ however when I clicked on the link it redirected me to the site beta.speedtest.net. It means they are using Ookla web-based application to show you results.

Now, most of you were thinking about why companies allow us to check the internet speed of any broadband for free? if you on the same page then let me tell you, have you ever heard of a term called lead magnet this is the lead magnet.

Their major goal is to sell their internet service to people who are frustrated with their ISPs.

Comment down below which web-based application you use to check the download speed of your internet service provider.

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What is the most accurate speed test site?

There are lots of ways on the internet where you can test your internet speed. But one of the most famous site SpeedTest.Net owned by Ookla which is the most accurate net speed test site.

Is Ookla. speed test accurate?

Yes, it gives you 80 to 90% accurate data, If you run your net speed test 3 to 4 times. Ookla is one of the most famous site where millions of internet users use this site to test their net speed.


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