Best gallery apps for android 2020

best gallery app for android

We live in an environment filled with modern technology. Our most favorite one includes powerful camera modules that every smartphone possesses nowadays. 

Every year, smartphone manufacturers somehow manage to pack pixel-dense camera sensors in their contemporary smartphones. Concurrently, we are trying to find the best gallery apps for android or iPhone amongst the wide spectrum of quality gallery apps. 

With advancements of Artificial intelligence, most of the utility software is utilizing AI in some or another form. Gallery apps are no exception as numerous modern gallery apps are using image recognition for better search results and image sorting.

 On the other hand, some of the gallery apps are nailing user experience on another level by introducing light photo editing features into their apps.

Here are our the best gallery apps for Android following


Google photos

Best gallery app for android google photos

When it comes to apps that are made by Google itself, you can’t compete with them. Google photos is the best gallery app for Android in the current market. 

It packs features like image recognition and image auto-correction to bring your experience way better. The only catch with the photo viewer app is that it is pretty memory hungry and data-hungry for a low budget user. 

The integration of Google drive and auto-backup on this app works far more efficiently on this photo gallery download app as compared to any other gallery app on this list. The best of this gallery app is that it uses image recognition to bundle images according to the person’s face. 

Most of the stock android phones or Android one smartphones use google photos as their default gallery app. Transferring photos from your old phone are also very simple in this app. You just need to sync it with drive and it automatically gets all your images. 

You can use this as a photo gallery download app, as Google photos allow us to view photos directly from the drive without downloading them.



Best gallery app for android quickpic

The second best lightweight gallery app for Android is Quickpic on our list. With over 10 million active users, QuickPic is one of the most famous apps on the play store.

 Fastest experience and its impressive optimization for the user interface is the reason behind its success. Also, it is very user friendly on large-screened devices.

There are multiple finger gestures that allow users to hide your private files from your friends and family. You can also enjoy other features it provides, such as versatile image editing with the app, creating custom folders for your images and supporting multiple online add-ons from different service providers. 

QuickPic is one of the biggest competition of default gallery apps in the market. Users tend to use QuickPic instead of the default gallery app for Android phones. 

Quickpic is more famous on tablet platforms than on smartphones. The only reason behind this is they support multi-finger gestures and using them on a big screen is a fruitful experience. This photo viewer app is not very power demanding and manages to fetch photos quickly in 98% of the smartphones.


Focus – photo gallery

Best gallery app for android focus photo gallery

One of the reasons we are including this Focus Gallery app for Android in our list is its speed and efficiency and the easy user interface it offers.

 It is a free app and you can download it from Playstore or other app stores with the best part of no in-app ads. The app supports almost all kinds of media files such as photos, videos, and GIF images. They appear well structured on the home page.

This third-party gallery app has a built-in video player as well as camera options if you want to use it. You can also utilize their tag system, app lock feature, light/dark theme, and a private vault.

This app provides you with immense customizability which includes changing the app icon for this particular app. We don’t know exactly how this app manages to pack that many features and still never compromises speed and efficiency.

But, the app is not as fast as other apps like Foto gallery app and others. Also, the only smartphone with the newer Android operating system version will support this app smoothly.


Foto Gallery

Best gallery app for android foto gallery

Foto gallery app is another best gallery app for Android. If you prefer reliability over features this app is perfect for you. 

This photo viewer app comes with limited features and it is the fastest gallery app in this list. The albums on this app will be organized in an efficient way and a clear format. 

By using the Foto gallery app you can easily hide your private folder and photos. You can search for photos easily on this app, Add folders, and customize the way they are stored. The android app comes with many theme customizations and dark mode too. 

Although this app is relatively basic and not overly feature pack, still we are considering this app as the best lightweight gallery app. The size of this app is also not that much and if you are using an older smartphone this app will definitely run fine. 

User Interface is very simple and easy to use for people of every age group. Grouping photos according to date and place is also possible. Foto app is free to use and you can download it from play store or any other app market. 


Camera Roll Gallery

Best gallery app for android camera roll gallery

The reason behind the development of this app is enhancing the speed and performance of the user interface. You may find the user interface and interaction much simpler and responsive. 

This app barely hangs and you will never face any kind of problem while searching for your favorite photo. Also, you can sort your images according to their size, name, date, etc. This particular app comes with only essential features or functions and power. 

In addition to this, you have many interesting options of customization within the app like you can change the whole layout of the main page of the app. 

The developers of this app are working on this product for quite a long time. This app is one of the oldest and best lightweight gallery apps for Android. 

Final Words

We hope you will love what we have picked for you. All the apps that we have on our list are well tested and reliable.

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