Best Free Weight Loss Apps in 2020

Best Free Weight Loss Apps in 2020

Your smartphone is an ideal device to get in shape and stay. Think about it: It’s always with you, it lets you listen to music during your workouts, and it provides you with many powerful free weight loss apps, right at your fingertips. Not only are weight loss apps easy to use, but their many benefits are also supported by scientific evidence.

Ironically, the best way to lose weight has not changed at all. Exercise, eating right, and watching your calorie intake is the best way to lose weight. Your phone cannot do those tasks for you, but there are apps to help you keep track of all those things.

By tracking data from calorie-to-sweat sessions, users can view their data and, thus, their overall progress, which can be motivating for many people and help hold them accountable. Some of them have unique features, such as financial rewards and support forums, that help motivate you towards your weight loss goals. Recently, a 2019 paper found that people who tracked their food using MyFitnessPal lost more weight than those who did not use the app diligently.

If you are looking for the best free weight loss apps for your device and still confused about which one to choose. This is why we have decided to make a list of the 5 best weight loss apps. So, the best luck I hope here, you will find a suitable weight loss apps for your device that will make your experience awesome.

Here are the best free weight loss apps:

Lose It!

Best Free Weight Loss Apps, lose it

If you’re all about the no-fuss application, then lose it! Maybe what you are looking for in free workout apps. Lose it! It is a user-friendly weight loss app that focuses on calorie calculation and weight tracking. Within the app, you can search for foods to track your intake, exercise, and connect to wear so that you are not entering data into a billion apps.

Through an analysis of your weight, age, and health goals, Lose it creates your daily calorie needs and a personal weight loss plan. You can use their barcode scanner to track calories, take pictures of your food for easy tracking, and even sync with Apple Health and Google Fit apps. 

You can upgrade to Premium for $ 3.33 / month to gain access to additional features such as meal planning tools, water tracking, macronutrient analysis, and connections with your Fitbit or other activity trackers.

Once your plan is established, you can easily consume your food in the app, which draws from an extensive database of over 7 million foods, restaurant items, and brands.


Best Free Weight Loss Apps, Myfitness pal

If you’re trying to cut back on carbs, MyFitnessPal makes it easy for you. MyFitnessPal is a user-friendly free workout planner app that focuses on calories counting app that also logs your physical activity.  It is one of the free workout planner apps because it has a complete website, which can help you crush your goals.

With this application, you can track your food intake, exercise, and countless other fitness and weight loss apps, including Endomondo Sports Tracker, Strawa, Runkeeper, MapMyoon, Fitbit, and more. With its barcode scanner, you will not have to search for the specific food you are eating, which speeds up the food tracking process.

It also contains over 350 exercises that you can perform along with tutorials on how to do them. MyFitnessPal, being one of the free workout apps, is specifically designed for patients who have diabetes or who are interested in following a specific diet plan.


Best Free Weight Loss Apps, fitbit

Wearing an activity tracker is one of the best ways to stay on top of your goals, as you have a ton of health information on your wrist. Fitbits are the best resource that helps you to track your physical activity.

Fitbit’s latest trackers provide perfect data on your wearable such as hourly and daily step count, resting heart rate, and total calorie burns, but using the app provides even more information. For those using Fitbits, the Fitbit app uses, which syncs information about all your physical activities.

You can also monitor your food and water intake, sleep habits, and weight goals with Fitbit. You can also set the alarm as a reminder to wake up and exercise, and Fitbit will send notifications to your phone to tell you how close you are to your fitness goals for the day. Also, whenever you achieve a specific goal, you receive “rewards”.

Weight Watchers (WW)

Best Free Weight Loss Apps, weight watchers

When it comes to teaching healthy eating habits, Weight Watchers excel, as do programs and apps. Their purpose is to help participants reduce their calorie intake by calling foods “points” based on their calories, saturated fat, and sugar content. The more food these components contain, the higher the “points”.

If you are a member of Weight Watchers, you can use their app to monitor your progress. Besides, the Weight Watchers app has a component that will help you make healthy choices while eating.

They have a strong restaurant database and a list of 4,000 Weight Watchers recipes and their point totals, which you can add to your intake with the click of a button.

Noom Weight Loss App

Best Free Weight Loss Apps, noom weight loss app

One of the fastest-growing free weight loss apps in terms of popularity, Noom has the necessary calorie and activity trackers but dive into your psyche more than others.

The application has three main functions: It helps you to set weight loss goals and see your progress; It tracks your food intake to help hold you accountable; and it helps you make healthy choices by exercising, even daily out-of-activities.

The free version of the Noom Weight Loss app works just like other people: enter your goals and weight and the app sets you up with a plan based on calorie intake. To stay on track, you will record your intake and exercise manually, although an activity monitors steps and you can connect to apps like Google Fit and wearables like Fitbit.

Final Words

This concludes the list of the best weight loss apps along with their features. We think this list will help you to make a good choice. There are still a lot of free workout planner apps that are not listed in this article. Nevertheless, weight loss apps are worth experimenting with to see if they can help you reach your goals.

With so many different features, you may have to try before trying something to suit your needs. But, our best free workout planner app is Lose it!

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