9 Best Free Websites to Stream Movies Online Without Signing Up

free websites to stream movies online

Watching the latest movies is a must for everyone on weekends. But not everyone can afford a Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hotstar subscription. Nowadays, there are many free websites to stream movies online but we can’t count them all. There are very less with no sign-ups needed, no commitments, just stream your favorite movies, TV shows without signing up.

Yes, that sounds like a steal compared to the fact that you’d have to pay dollars every month to get legit services like Disney+Hotstar, Netflix, or even Showbox, but there’s a catch.

These free sites thrive on the revenue from ads you may be getting a lot of them before, during, and after watching the movie and it is different for every website.

Our advice? If you’re able to pay for official streaming services like Netflix, that’s better, less irritating ads, and better streaming experience but if you’re unable to at the time, we’ve made a list of the best free websites to stream movies online with fewer ads and frequent updates.

List of All Best Free Websites to Stream Movies Online in 2021

There are many sites to watch new release movies online free without signing up but all with caveats, we selected the best of the best websites for you in this list, These are our recommended go-to sites to stream new movies online without registration.

1. Goojara.ch

Goojara.ch has a collection of more than 100,000 free movies and TV series. The best thing is that they are free to watch without registering yourself or signing up. It’s not just about streaming but you can also download links from different services for each movie.

Goojara.ch is used by more than a million users to download or watch the latest movies every day. The ads are not too intrusive and can easily be passed and streaming can be continued.

Goojara.ch is highly recommended if you wish to download the latest movies in HD as well as a low size.

Movies are typically 720p on this platform at around 1GB. At first, the movies are uploaded in CAM version till the official HD versions are released, and with Goojara’s reputation, you can expect to see them on the site as soon as they’re available however if its TV shows you’re after, you’ll be pleased with a free service like Goojara to stream the latest series on your devices.

If you found Goojara to be down and not working then you can use its alternative supernova.to which was created by owners of Goojara to serve as its backup.

2. YouTube

free websites to stream movies online

If you are looking for any video online, what does come to your mind first? Youtube is the answer and everyone agrees to this. It happens every time.

Youtube is the 3rd most visited website in the world after Google and Facebook and it is even popular than Twitter. It has been on the top of video streaming for more than a decade. Most of the websites you find on Youtube are music videos, sports highlights, movie trailers, and also full HD movies presented as free and ad-supported.

For people who can’t afford Netflix or Amazon Prime can always rely on websites for free movies. Watching new movies like IP MAN, Kung Fu panda and more than a hundred thousand comprehensive full-length movies with the option to download and subscribe isn’t one thing you can be offered on other websites.

Youtube has also planned to bring their own movies and stream for free in 2020. It’s a great initiative by Youtube.

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3. Moviesjoy

This is also one of the best free websites to stream movies online without signing up. As a streaming site, it offers CAM and HD quality videos and many interesting movies that people can’t have access to.

Moviesjoy has release dates and comes with any genre of movie you want in your preferred country.

You can watch movies without downloading them as the streaming option allows you to select movies you would love to watch. It works differently unlike other websites that offer more Hollywood movies, free movie cinema offers just little but it has channels that range more than hundreds of exclusive contents.

4. LosMovies

best websites to stream movies online

This streaming website offers everything ranging from movies, Tv shows, and series. You can easily your favorite movie without signing up. It has a category of Genres, countries, movies with and without subtitles, and even actors and directors.

Losmovies has an archive of all the latest movies in HD and 720p resolution. It even helps you to decide which movies to watch by displaying IMDB ratings and links for trailers.

You don’t need to register before viewing their free premium contents.  It is one of the largest movie libraries you will find on the internet.

5. Streamlikers.com

Searching for best streaming site on Google? You will definitely land on Streamlikers from the search results. It’s not just the name but also the output quality that this streaming website provides to its users.

You don’t need to pay or sign up before you stream the movie you want in the CAM version.

Streamlikers enable you to start streaming from the homepage your preferred movie. There is a category of a great archive of anime and the latest Hollywood movies and you can also browse for more unpopular movies.

6. Vumoo

best free websites to stream movie online without registration

With no feature of sign-up or paid membership, you can access to more than 50,000 movies and not only movies but also TV shows and series that anyone can stream for free.

You can easily access any movie or TV shows because of their well-organized database. This makes this streaming website one of the best free websites to stream movies online without registration.

There is a feature made for you to see third-party movies and discover more, making your time worth it.

7. FZMovies.net

This is one of the most loved website for streaming movies online. It is mainly for mobile users. FZMovies.net is a great streaming website. It comes with a well-arranged database with time and place of production, genre, and popularity grid.

Just like the other website, you don’t need to register for membership. There are both options to stream and download your preferred movies. Recent release movies are available on this website.

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8. Tubi TV

free websites to stream movies online

Tubi TV is mainly for streaming movies online. Though it supports both movies and TV shows. Many genres are available are on this site such as drama, action, family, documentaries, movies, and sports videos on the website.

You can enjoy streaming movies without signing up though there is an option to sign up it is completely your choice and if you do choose to sign up then you can disable the Adblock in order to enjoy using the website without any interruption.

All you need to do is to select the content you want and start watching, it’s that easy. There is a category added for “Recently”  and “most popular”. It has some supported channels such as the Docurama, CONtv, and Complex Networks.

9. Vex Movies

Let’s forget about the name and focus on its features. If you haven’t heard about this website before, then you should read this well without skipping any part. On Vex Movies, you will discover easy and free access to streaming of unpopular movies.

It comes with an ads-free feature with no requirement for signup; this means you can select any video option without registering. Compared to FZMovies.net, it has arranged data in form of genre, sorts, and filters making you enjoy the feeling of premium content while streaming on the website.


Now we have added all the best free websites to stream movies online without registration. You can choose any of the above according to their features mentioned and your requirements.

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Thanks for reading.


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