Top 5 Best Financial Apps In India I Use Personally in 2021

Best Financial Apps In India

Are you looking for the top best Financial Apps in India which you can use on your android/IOS Mobile?

Then your search ends here, in this blog post I will share with you the top 5 Apps financial Android Application Which I use daily.

Before getting into the blog post, I want to share some of my thoughts Why you should use Financial Apps to manage your money.

List Of Best Financial Apps in India:

We all earn money even working day-night to earn our livings, nowadays the average salary of an employee is higher than the salary in back days, right?

So, I recommend you start saving your money, manage your income & cash outflows. For making your job easy let’s talk about some really useful apps for money.

1. MyWay Wealth:

myway wealth mutual fund review App

This is a Mutual Fund investment App, Where you can Invest your Money in Direct Mutual Funds, SIP & NPS(National Pension System), and more.

I Like this App because they provide some cool features Like zero commissions & no Fees on Direct Mutual Fund Investment, portfolio rebalancing, smart recommendation engine, advanced research reports, portfolio alerts on the go, and many more useful benefits.

features of myway wealth

if you people are looking for an App to invest your money in for a better future then this App can be your choice.

2. Wizely:

If you have dreams and you are not able to achieve it then this Wizely App will help you achieve your goals, Want to know How? Keep reading…

Wizely App Review

This App helps you to save money within their platform, you can make your Goals and you have to save money inside your Goals by Adding funds from your Bank accounts.

Wizely is quoting to be India’s 1st Saving Android App.

Let’s talk about some of their features:

  1. Flexible in saving money.
  2. Transactions are secure as they mentioned security is their main priority.
  3. Wizely is using encryption techniques like 264-bit encryption, AES encryption with Norton Secured Seal.
  4. You can save your money with any medium like UPI, Netbanking, Debit cards, etc.
  5. They have saving plans as well some are Flexi Saving plan, Fixed saving plans.
  6. Spend your savings with their 200+ merchants with extra value.
  7. You can refund your savings to your linked bank account anytime without any charges or extra costs.

If you are planning something and not able to save money in your bank account then save here in Wizely Android Application. This was the quick review of the Wizely app.

3. Cred:

cred app review

Cred is the most rewarding credit card payment application. This app is helpful only if you are a credit card holder, if not then this App is useless for you. They are using a Hashtag #Killthebill, you also can share this post and use this hashtag.

You can find this app on both platforms Android & ios. on every Credit Card payment through Cred, you earn some reward points which you can redeem among the registered merchants with Cred.

How it works:

  1. You need to apply for the Cred Membership after successful registration Add your existing credit card details.
  2. Pay Your Bills and earn extra rewards.

According to the company, all transactions are safe and secure you can trust on this platform.

Indian media have also covered them in their articles and Newspapers, some of them are TOI, Livemint, etc.

4. SplitWise:

Splitwise App Review

With the help of this Android App, you can split payment bills among your friends and family members. you just need to enter the total Amount and your work is done.

The best part of this App is that it’s free to use.

You can share bills and IOU’s, this app made IOU’s Simple.

Splitwise App also sends email reminders for the payment requests and you also get pinched if you forget to pay.

You can get this App on Android And Ios.

5. LazyPay:

Lazypay App Review

LazyPay is one of my favorite apps because of their service and for their rich interface. This is an instant loan application powered by PayU, however, you can use this App to pay bills later for several merchants and shopping.

You can see below why people Love LazyPay.

Lazypay review

Let’s talk about some features of the LazyPay App.

  1. Get instant Personal loans based on your CIBIL score.
  2. Pay Later for your favorite brands and across 100+ merchants.
  3. You can get EMI plans for travel, electronics, and more.
where to use lazypay app

All an all you can say this App helps you in your emergencies when you are fund less. Lazypay helped me so many times that’s another factor that connects me with this App Personally.

6. Walnut Financial App

Walnut is the best financial management app in which you can manage your income and expenses on a daily and monthly basis. Walnut is the best expense tracker app which you should use if you want to have track of your finances.

You can also avail instant loans within the app based on your civil score.

Now it’s your turn to let me know which financial apps you use to monitor your expenses.


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