9 Best File Manager Apps For Android in 2020(Updated)

best file manager apps for android

Are you also looking for the best file manager apps for Android devices that provide quick access to your important files or documents whenever you need them? Then you have to the right place.

You now need to understand that having a good file manager apps for Android smartphones is essential for everyone because it will help you organize your files, name and sort them according to your preference, browse and find your files whenever you need them, etc.

File explorer apps save our time which we usually spend looking for our files within the phone storage space. There are several file manager apps and file browser apps you can download and install to keep your files organized.

The Best File Manager Apps For Your Android Smartphones in 2020

Most of these apps also have a paid version but you will be pretty much good with the free variants only. Some of these file manager apps also have the feature which allows you to store your files on the cloud, bookmark your important files, etc. Now, Checkout the list of best file manager apps for android in 2020.

1. File Manager+

best file manager apps for android

File Manager+ is one of the best file manager apps for android devices and it is completely free. It comes with a simple and beautiful user interface.

This app helps you organize your files in a very easy manner. It also has some great features such as bookmarking, cloud storage service for Microsoft’s OneDrive, Dropbox, and Drive.

File Manager+ includes support for plugins like FTP and NAS. The app has an easy-to-use and quick-access home screen style which helps you have fast access to your important files like frequently used documents, media files, downloads, etc.

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2. Total Commander File Manager

Total Commander File Manager is a very powerful file managing tool. Its Desktop version has been available for years but now the developers have created a free Android version that provides great features for android users.

Some great features of this file manager app is: bookmarking, root functions, filename sorting, directory history, multi-user, easy-to-use media player and plugins support LAN and FTP.

It also comes with a text editor which makes jotting down ideas fast and easy. The app is available on Google PlayStore. Another good reason why you should download and install this file manager is that it has no adverts and in-app purchases.

3. Amaze File Manager

best file manager apps for android

Amaze File Manager is another great file manager app that you can easily download and install on your android smartphone. Being an open-source and free app, it does come with some cool features that help you keep your files organized and make your work easy. You will be amazed by its functionality once you start using this app.

The app includes features like zip file support, root explorer, and app manager. It supports FTP plugin, Material Design, and SMB functions. Files are organized either in the list or grid view. There are shortcuts to frequently used folders, media files, bookmarked files, and internal storage. The downside side of the Amaze file manager is that it doesn’t have cloud storage capacity.

4. Files Go ( Now Files by Google)

Files go is a Google-owned file manager app that organizes your files. The app has some features that show how frequently you use some files and offer either deleting them or storing them on the cloud.

Files Go assist you in clearing your cache and freeing up space on your phone storage to download awesome android games on your phone The app backup feature which helps you recover lost files.

5. Simple File Manager

The simple file manager app is one of the best file manager apps we’ve tested. The simple file manager is very lightweight and very easy to use.

It also helps you find your files faster. This app is ad-free and you will enjoy using the clean interface. This app comes highly recommended, it also has a pro version you can buy to support the developers, it’s cheap.

6. MiXplorer Silver

best file manager for android

MiXplorer Silver is a paid file manager app that offers you premium features that you won’t get on some file browser apps. It costs $4.79 to access these premium features and tools.

These include a built-in media player, an HTML image viewer, MIX archiver, metadata editor, and tagger. The app supports PDF reader, EPub, and MobiPlacket. You can store files on the cloud and easily recover them when you lose the files on your smartphone.

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7. Astro File Manager

Astro file manager is next on the list of our 10 best file manager apps for android in 2020. The app is free to use as many other apps on the list and has an in-built app manager.

It has some great features such as cloud storage and local file management. It can also be used as a file browser. You can easily search your files through the shortcuts on your home screen.

It supports file extraction and compression. You can easily download and install the app on the Google platform.

8. X-plore File Manager

best file explorer apps for android

The X-plore file manager is designed to offer users a double-pane file manager interface. Although the interface of the app isn’t appealing, it does a great job of keeping your files organized, copying, and pasting between folders, zip files creation and unpacking, etc. The file also comes with a built-in editor and media viewer.

9. Root Explorer

Root Explorer file manager is a versatile file management tool that offers uninterrupted root access to organize your files and phone storage as you please at a cost of $3.99. The app includes features like support for ZIP, RAR, TAR file archivers, an APK binary XML viewer, a SQL database, an in-built app manager, and a text editor.  You can store some of your files on the cloud to improve the functionality of your smartphone.

Now we have seen all the best file manager apps for android and you are free to use any app according to your requirements.

If you have any questions related to the article, let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.


  1. For Android, the inbuilt file manager is really trash. Outside file managers makes it easy to manage more stuff with easiness. Thanks, Anand for sharing the best file managers.


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