Best DS Emulators in 2021 For PC and MAC

best ds emulators

Before knowing the best DS emulators in the market, let’s understand why they were famous. Playing digital and online games on PlayStation and Xbox is amazing, but there was a time when Nintendo was the king of gaming consoles. 

Nintendo gaming consoles were the only option we had back then. Despite their old interface and laggy gameplay, the Nintendo simply was fun to play. 

Nintendo DS back then had tremendous possibilities and versatility. Nintendo DS is a portable gaming device or system with 2 clap shell-type screens. Basically, it’s a handheld gaming console for travelers.

The bottom screen of Nintendo Ds was a touch screen that allowed users to play as we play games on our smartphones.

Still, there are many Nintendo DS fans but unfortunately, the manufacturing of Nintendo DS is no more in continuation. Also, in India buying a second hand Nintendo Ds is next to impossible.

So here we have some of the best DS emulators for Android and some of the best DS emulators for PC.  We hope you will enjoy your favorite game on our suggested best Nintendo Ds emulator. 

Here are the Best DS Emulators for Android and PC-


Best DS Emulators NDS 4 Droid Emulator

NDS4droid is so far the best NDS emulator that is available on the Google play store. The game on this particular Nintendo DS emulator will bound anybody to love this emulator for Android.

The best part of this pick is that it is completely free to be used by gamers. You can literally download this app from the play store without paying a single penny. 

The emulator supports the classic sound theme of Nintendo DS and also you can save your gameplay, so you can not only enjoy the gameplay with genuine sound, but you can save your game and play anytime you want. 

Talking about the best things in this emulator, let me tell you, not only the android app on the play store is free, but the whole source code is open source for all of the developer’s cum fans of Nintendo DS.

That means the development and improvements are fast and stability is not notch.

DraStic DS Emulator

Best DS Emulators Drastic Emulator

The DraStic DS Emulator stands 2nd on our list of best DS emulators for Android. As NDS4droid, this best NDS emulator is not free, you have to pay a small amount of 5$ to be able to enjoy it. 

Other than its price, the gameplay and User Interface is more than perfect. I can say the only catch with this Nintendo DS emulator is that it is not free as the NDS4droid emulator. 

The game experience with high definition graphics, new features and cheat code is on another level. You will love what the Exophase is providing in this emulator. 

Yes, the famous Exophase is the developer and owner of this master price. It also supports the option of saving the game on Google Drive and you can connect any controller to play your favorite game in your own style.

NDS Emulator

Best DS Emulators NDS Emulator

Another Android Nintendo DS emulator on our list. The Application, NDS emulator is developed to work with android version 6.0 Marshmallow and above. 

So, if you have any older Android device this app is not for you. On the other hand, the speed and experience of this emulator due to its latest dependencies is just amazing. 

You can load any of your favorite games by downloading them and you can enjoy them on your own mobile phone. You can load NDS game files as well as ZIP game files on this emulator. 

The emulator supports wireless and wired OTG based external controllers and if you want you can plug and play. The gaming experience is smooth and it supports tables too. So if you have a tablet, you can play Nintendo DS games on the big screen of your tablet. 

DeSmuMe (PC and MAC emulator)

Best DS Emulators DES MU ME Emulator

The name of this NDS emulator is a little bit weird, and its pronunciation is even weirder. But the DeSmuMe emulator’s performance is not like its name. In fact, this is one of the best ds emulator for mac 2020 for PC and Mac in the market. 

More than anything, the best feature of the DeSmuMe emulator is that the emulator is constantly enhancing. The reason behind fast development and enhancement is that it is fully open-source. You can download the source code and customize the app according to your needs.

If you don’t know anything about development and coding, you can still use this app. This app comes with a hand full of features pre-baked. Features like, you can load and save your game at any point of time while playing. 

Also, an external game controller is possible on this emulator. You can download their PC or Mac emulator file from their official site.


Best DS Emulators RetroArch Emulator

Unlike all other emulators on this list, this RetroArch is not only one of the best NDS emulators, but it can also run all the retro gaming console games. It is more like an all in one emulator for retro Gamers. 

So, by using RetroArch you can play pretty much any vintage game on your PC. The performance of this emulator is decent, it’s not like the dedicated emulator but you can play NDS games without any lag for sure.

The user interface seems a little bit complex at first but after using it for some time it gets easier for you. The best and unique part of this emulator is that it supports 4k gameplay and you game aid game graphics and enable shaders also.

All the other basic features like game saving and loading and controller support are also present. 

As this is an all-in-one emulator you can run games with extensions of all the Nintendo consoles like NES, SNES, DSi, DS, 3DS, and more.


Are there any good DS emulators?

Yes, in the digital world lots of DS emulators which very popular. To know more about the features and uses you can read the full list of Best DS Emulators for Android and PC.

What is the best NDS emulator for PC?

NDS4droid is one of the most popular Android NDS emulator. The best think of this emulator is you can download it freely from google play store.

Is drastic DS emulator worth it?

If you want to play your games on great environment with simple and engaging graphics then Drastic DS emulator is best for you.

Are emulators legal?

You can say the emulators are legal but some emulators are ban on some countries due to the privacy and term of policy.

Final Words

At last, we hope you will enjoy this article about your favorite gaming console Nintendo DS. We all have childhood memories associated with our Nintendo consoles. 

We all remember how extensively we were crazy about playing games on Gameboy, Nintendo switch or the Nintendo DS/DS Lite. Now we can’t use the real consoles but we have some retro emulators in their place.



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