5 Best Depression Blogs In 2020

depression blog

Depression has already affected more than 256 million people all over the world . Still so many people have no adequate resources to deal  with depression. Most people doesn’t know even the symptoms of depression.

So we would highly recommend you to turn to these depression blogs for solution to your problems.

Top 5 Depression Blogs are:

 Time To Change

time to change depression blog

Time to change is  a social movement with the motive to  change people attitudes on mental  health and it also believes that talking about mental health is very important. People also  share there life stories and their journey through depression . People often find themselves to relate to the stories .


nami depression blog

NAMI stands for National Alliance on Mental Illness . It is one of the largest grassroots mental  health organization in the United States of America. They have the motive to make life better for everyone by breaking down the stigma about mental health. They operate a in-depth blog post which talks about all the issues regarding mental health. They also  have public  awareness week with a name of Mental Illness Awareness Week.



TheMentalRoots is a great blog revolving around the problems related to depression. It was started with the purpose to serve people suffering from depression . It has some great in-depth blogs which will help you get your answer to your issues related to depression.  You can even read great motivational stories of great personalities who  fought their battle with depression and have achieved great milestones in their life. You can even take a test to check your depression symptoms.



Living with mental health problem is tough. How do you deal with such crisis ? You can anytime get help with their detailed articles on various mental health topics and they have also  made a section for free psychological tests which you can take and check your status if you are suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and much more.



Many people just know TalkSpace for online therapy programs. By this they have made mental health treatment more accessible for everyone. They have a wide variety of posts from depression due to parenting or depression during pregnancy, It is a great depression blog to  increase your knowledge about mental health problems including for people who support people suffering from depression.


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