10 Best Car Racing Games For Android And iOS 2020

best car racing games for android

If you want to keep yourself occupied by playing the best car racing games for android then you have come to the right spot.

There are tons of other games in the market too such as best gacha games for RPG lovers, action games like PUBG and COD mobile, and many more.

If racing games are your thing and you’ll want to skip the gross stress associated with looking for the right racing games, we’ve done the digging for you with this list. Let’s get to it.

The Best Car Racing Games for Android

The best thing is that most of the games listed here are free to download and play. Here is a list of 10 best racing games for Android.

1. Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9 is one of the best and latest racing games designed by Gameloft and has also become the most famous in the Asphalt series too. It comes with excellent solid mechanics, graphics, and gameplay. It is not just about racing cars but also as you grow further in the gameplay, you can unlock up to 50 customized cars, upgrade levels, and lots more.

If we sum up then we can say that Asphalt 9 is one of the best racing games for Android.

2. Beach Buggy Racing 2

The Beach Buggy Racing 2 is similar to Mario Kart in many ways. Its a very interesting kart racing game designed with unique abilities for better gameplay experience. Players can across different tracks in various locations, each with its own set of obstacles.

Not only this, but the game also has 40 worth of carts to collect, 45 power-ups. different modes, customization options, and online PvP.

The game could have been better with Google Play achievements and offline play feature. Other than these drawbacks, the game deserves to be in the list of best car racing games for Android.

3. CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing is an exciting drag race game. You would not just be racing cars but also unlocking levels, adding upgrades, and buying cars.

One of the best features of this game is the campaign mode. You can also choose to race online with different people across the globe.

The graphics and gameplay are pretty awesome. You can never get tired of playing CSR Racing 2.

4. Dirt Trackin’ 2

Dirt Trackin is one of the most excellent racing games for Android. It has a lot of different features such as five classes of cards, customizable cards, career mode and different control schemes.

Furthermore, it boasts varying difficulty levels, average mechanics, and customizable controls for the PvP multiplayer.

On a sincere note, the graphics are not as impressive compared to most games on this list. However, the gameplay, content, and level of customization make up for this limitation.

5. Grand Prix Story

Grand Prix Story is an android racing sim game developed by Kairosoft. The developers of this amazing game are known for developing simple and exciting games with different and excellent mechanics. You can also become the leader of your team.

You are always in the position of winning countless races, training drivers, and purchasing sensors. It’s a good choice for all those who prefer a hands-off approach in their racing. You may be disappointed if you’re looking for realistic gameplay experience. However, on a general note, it is a good game.

6. CarX Highway Racing

CarX Highway Racing is created by CarX technologies, this game is one of the most downloaded games on the Google Play store with over 10,000,000 installs.

Enjoy highway racing at its finest with CarX stunning visuals, cars, and features like multiple game modes, mind racing police chase, carX special car racing engines and so much more. Highly recommended game for everyone.

7. GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport is one of the best racing games for android. It was initially launched in 2019. It is an extension of the PC version. The game features over 100 races with 100 cars.

It focuses on a single-player gameplay experience with adjustable difficulty options, numerous racing styles, and hardware controller support. It is one of the simplest games on this list.

8. Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is one of the latest racing games for Android. The game features simple controls, competitive game levels, exciting gameplay, and colorful graphics.

As a player, you’ll be engaging in races up to and down the hills against different opponents with varying skill levels. It sounds simpler and exciting than it is.

You can customize your car and program it to in a certain way and much more. The game comprises online multiplayer mode, campaign, challenges, daily tasks, and achievements.

It also works perfectly on older devices. Hill Climb Racing 2 is also available as an offline racing game.

9. Horizon Chase

best car racing games for android

Horizon Chase is one of the best car racing games for Android. This game was initially launched in 2015. The game features retro-inspired graphics, a wide collection of tracks, cars to unlock, etc.

This game stands out the other games is that it has NVIDIA Sheild Support, Android TV support and is compatible with most game controllers.

The game also features an online multiplayer mode and leaderboards to give you a better gameplay experience. Horizon Chase is also available as an offline game.

10. Mario Kart Tour

best car racing games for android

Mario Kart Tour is not just one of the best car racing games for android but also it has stood the test of time. Before the launch of Call To Duty, it was one of the most successful racing games to be launched in history.

The game is designed to give you a perfect console experience. It features colorful graphics and exciting gameplay that gives you the best racing experience.

As you move forward in the game, you can unlock numerous racers from the Mushroom kingdom, unlock more game modes, and compete in multiple races. It is valid to say that this is an exciting and excellent racing game with enough Mario Kart to make you feel like a Mario Kart racer.

So now we have seen all the best car racing games for Android and you can try each and every game in the list, you won’t regret it.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below and do share the article with your friends.

Thanks for reading.


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