6 Best Camera Apps For Android 2021 (Free to use)

best free camera apps for android

In most of the smartphones, the camera app that comes pre-installed doesn’t allow you to do much or push the boundaries of your Android smartphone. This is the reason for people like us are looking for Best Camera Apps for Android. Continue reading the article to know more.

For example, the old Redmi Note 5 Pro device won’t let you record 4K UHD videos with the stock camera unlike the Redmi Note 8 Pro but the Open camera appthat we’ll discuss later in this post, does that for you easily.

There can be many reasons why phone manufacturers would decide to hold back features for basic Android users, in most cases it would help you to preserve their battery life and in most cases, these features aren’t entirely needed unless you are a pro user.

However the case may be, if your phone has the hardware, in this instance, the perfect software, another camera app, will help you capture better images and even edit them like never before. For example, Google Pixel smartphones are one of the best camera smartphones on this planet and it can be accessed due to GCAM, Google’s camera app software.

With all that said, we’ve made a list of the best camera apps with the best software and editing features for you today, most of them are free and easy to use, just like your stock camera but with way more options to unlock better effects and mobile photography excellence, let’s get started.

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Best Camera Apps for Android 2021

1. GCAM (Google Camera)

This is one of the best camera apps in the world right now.

Google has used an insane software on this one and not only this but if you buy the Pixel 4a smartphone, you will get this app by default on your device as the stock camera. Not every Android smartphone can use it due to the fact that it’s not built for all types of smartphones. Though developers have found a way around and you will just need to make some smartphone hardware requirements to be able to use it.

Gcam features AR stickers, Night sight, HDR+ photography, enhanced portrait shots,  and so much more. If you’re bent on squeezing more out of your android device in terms of photography, you should look into getting Gcam on your device, it’s awesome.

2. Open Camera

If you are familiar with the best camera apps for Android, then you would be sure to have seen this coming.

Open camera is one of the best and most popular free camera apps for Android and you can easily download it on your smartphone from Google Play Store. This app offers multiple shooting features especially for photographers and produces quite stunning images.

One of the best features of this Open Camera app is that it lets you unlock hidden camera features that have been locked away from your device for reasons such as avoiding fast battery drain but as long as you wish to try them, this app could help you access those features.

For example, as mentioned above, 4k recording isn’t available on the old Redmi Note 5 Pro by default, this app helps you unlock that and more.

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3. Camera360

This app is mainly for people on Instagram and loves taking selfies and collecting memories.

Camera360 is one of the oldest and most popular camera apps for Android among teenagers and it mainly focuses on beautifying photos, especially selfies. adorning them with different amazing filters and funny stickers.

As we are discussing camera apps, its worth noting that over 800 million people worldwide use features like collage styles, over 300 classic filters, and many different creative stickers included in the app to make their selfies or captures photos to look better.

While we have different camera apps on the PlayStore targetted at creating a solution for different needs, if you’re all about that clear, beautiful selfie you can proudly show off on social media, the Camera360 app is a great place to start.

4. Snapchat

best camera apps for android

Beyond a great social media platform, Snapchat is also famous and an awesome social app that people use to share moments, stories and so much more.

What you may not know is the fact that Snapchat thrives on your camera and uses AI and regularly updated, advanced stickers, and sometimes live features to make your photos better.

The one is geared towards who wants to take good pictures with some amazing and unique filters applied instantly.

When you open the app, it immediately opens up your camera, tap on your face so it scans and shows you all the available filters that you can use instantly and for free.

Every time a new amazing filter comes up it goes viral very easily and new filters are being added by the day, except the default stickers.

If you want to take better photos with your phone, this is a must-try.

5. Camera MX

best free camera apps for android

If you are looking for a not so ordinary camera app, then Camera MX is the choice for you. Camera MX has over 20 million downloads on the Google Play Store making it one of the most popular camera apps on the planet.

No matter if you are using a budget-friendly smartphone or a high-end costly smartphone, we recommend the Camera MX as a substitute camera app if you’re looking to try something new on your camera.

This camera app offers simple features you won’t find on the default camera apps and like Open camera up there might be able to help you bypass your phone’s hidden 4k recording feature.

6. Foodie Camera App

most popular camera apps for android

All the while we’ve been talking about camera apps for taking better selfies, beauty filters, AR stickers and so much more, how about something designed specifically for foodies or food photography? Well, here it is.

With over 10 Million downloads on the Google PlayStore, this app is the best for taking images of foods and even not bad for selfies as well, however, it does have an upper hand when it comes to capturing scenery and delicious foods with its inbuilt filters.

While we’re not sure of the reason why you might need a camera app, if it’s for shooting the delicious foods you create in the kitchen, this is the camera app for you. It’s free to download and has a lot of filters you can apply instantly for a smashing effect.


Now we have discussed all the best camera apps for android you can download to click some astonishing pictures for your social media handles and to unlock hidden features of your default camera app in your Android smartphone.

If you like the article then share it with your friends and ping us in comments if you have any questions related to the article.

Thanks for reading.



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