Best Audiobook Apps For Start Learning in 2020

Best Audiobook Apps For Start Learning in 2020

In today’s world, books are a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of life. So, we came up with some best audiobook apps which are highly beneficial, efficient, and practical for those who want to experience more books anytime and anywhere in their everyday lives – at home, in your morning or evening, in the car, or even on holidays. The advantage is that in audiobooks, the narrator moves so fast that you get distracted, and this saves you time.

But which is the best place to find your next audiobook? Amazon’s Audible site remains the most well-known name in the industry thanks to its huge advertising budget. However, there are thousands of other great places to find audiobooks.

In this article, we have clashed the 5 best audiobook app. Where, you can find both classics and latest releases, all recorded in high-quality and read to you by attractive actors.

Here are the Best Audiobook Apps:


Best Audiobook Apps, audible

Audible is one the largest and highly advanced plus best audiobook apps in the world, offering exclusive titles, audiobooks, audio shows, and book series. Furthermore, it is our best free audiobook app. The application is free and ad-free, and syncs audiobooks to your account between all connected devices.

This audiobook app has an offline feature that you can download the audiobook. The player offers solid playback features with chapter navigation, bookmarks, a sleep mode, variable playback speeds, and background playback and multitasking support for downloading.

This audiobook app has Amazon as its parent company, so naturally, your Amazon account synchronizes with your audible app. Audible offers over 425,000 audiobooks that you can buy, rent, stream online or listen to offline.

Although the application is free to download, you will start a 30-day free trial, and you can then purchase a subscription within the app or purchase an individual title at a monthly cost of $ 15.

Every month, members receive an additional free audiobook and 2 audio originals. A subscription to Audible offers a bonus benefit of 30% off on all purchased audiobooks.

Google Play Books 

Best Audiobook Apps, Google play books

The Google Play Books app is an excellent app that can be accessed on Android as well as iOS devices. The audiobook app was launched in January 2019 and since then, it allows users to digest content through e-books, textbooks, audiobooks, and comic books.

Although the Google Play Book catalog is not as large as Audible, it certainly has more eBooks catalog. One advantage that comes with the Google PlayBook app is that it allows the user to buy books one by one instead of a yearly or monthly subscription. The app also lets you preview audiobooks before purchasing.

You also get offline support and a night mode if needed. We tested its best free audiobook app from the Google Play Store, and it works beautifully.


Best Audiobook Apps, audiobook is a cloud-based platform that is a solid choice among the best audiobook apps for Android and iOS listeners. is our third best audiobook app. The site offers 150,000 premium audiobooks, under which it offers 10,000 free audiobooks. This audiobooks app offers unbeatable sound quality.

The Audio Books app includes variable playback speed, automatic bookmarking, and sleep timer among other features. Additionally, this app includes cross-device syncing, allowing listeners to easily transition from their smartphone, tablet, or computer to the audiobook without losing their place.

Audiobook works similarly to Audible. You can sign up and just buy books or you can subscribe, get some books at any time of the month for free, and get discounts on others. Monthly membership can cost you around $ 14.95, which is a bit expensive.


Kobo Audiobooks


Best Audiobook Apps, Kobo Audiobooks

The Kobo Books app is an amazing source of digital content and, in particular, has become a one-stop destination for single online eBooks and audiobooks, in addition to the Bookstore’s audiobook. The app works almost the same as the Amazon Kindle app.

The design of the app is quite impressive and makes it easy to use. Additional features include slowing down the description of the book or the time left to finish the book. Its slider helps navigate through the book with great ease. You can buy and download audiobooks along with regular books.

The main focus is on regular books, but the audiobook thing is getting more attention. One good thing about the Kobo app is that it lets you browse the Kobo store for audiobook deals, and includes the option to sign up for a $ 10 / month audiobook subscription. New users can sign up on their first eBook purchase for a $5 discount.


Best Audiobook Apps, Librivox

LibriVox Audio Books is a decent and small audiobook platform. If you don’t want to run out of your savings with a monthly audiobook subscription, LibriVox is probably the right website for you. Librivox is our best free audiobook app for smartphones. This free audiobook app offers 25,000 audiobooks.

Of course, this is not the largest collection, but the fact that they are all free makes it a great place to score some cheap entertainment. If you live in the US, you will also have over 75,000 paid audiobooks available, including new releases and bestsellers. 

This app provides an offline facility. The app also has a sleep timer, a bookmark feature so that you never lose your place, and support for Chromecast as well as Android Auto. It ticks all of the boxes for the best free audiobook app.

The LibriVox AudioBook app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and App Store that hosts LibriVox libraries, like the free Audiobook app.

Final Words

This brings an end to our list of the best audiobook apps for smartphones. If you are a reader, you will need this kind of app on your smartphone. Because this app can help you on the go and your reading habits for some, who want to listen to audiobooks can also earn the most through these apps.

Each app has some or other cool features in their arsenal, and it all depends on the user which features they want in the app.


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