How to Backup Your Computer

How to Backup your Computer
How to Backup your Computer

How to Backup your Computer: When it comes to your Personal Computer, you are not very conscious. When your system gets infected with the virus, it does not start, or the hard disk crashes, then in reality you are stuck without backup. But backing up the PC has become very easy, so now you cannot give any excuses for not backing up.

Backup systems should not only have your data, but Windows and system files should also be backed up when your system is working correctly and stable. It will not only quickly load your data whenever the operating system is corrupted in the future, but with the user settings, bookmarks, install drivers, installed applications, etc. the entire operating system can be reloaded.

How to Backup your Computer
                               How to Backup your Computer

The best way to back up the OS with data is to create an image of the hard drive. The system will load the entire system including OS and files in the system image. This is also the fastest way to protect data with the system. However, it is not necessary that many programs for this should be used on trial and error. So let’s See How to Backup your Computer:

How to Backup your Computer

Windows has PC backup and restore features, but there are some limitations in Windows 7. Windows 8 and 10 have advanced options, so you can create a system image, even if you want more features than this is a favorite program of mine. we have the first method to Backup your Computer as follows:

System Backups:

System backups require that your drive is formatted via the NTFS file system. Windows has the ability to format hard disk partitions in two different file systems. These are FAT and NTFS file systems. However, almost all people now use better and new NTFS file systems. While installing Windows on your computer, ask the engineer to format it in the NTFS file system as it has the latest features of data protection, access and backup.

1. Go to the Control Panel by pressing the first button to back up the system.
2. Click System and Security here to open Backup Your Computer.
3. Click Create a System Image in the options on the left. This will open a wedge (step by step process). Keep moving forward by giving information here.
4. You will be asked about the place to store backup images. Here you can choose any drive or external drive (CD, DVD, external hard disk, USB drive, etc.) of your Computer.
5. Now you will be asked to confirm your chosen options. Now press the Start Backup button. The process will start. In a while, the system image will be created in the folder named Windows Image Backup. If a system image is already present in the same place, then the old image will be deleted if the new image is created. Let’s see 2nd step to Backup your Computer:

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Automatic Backup:

If you want to avoid the hassle of backing yourself, again and again, you can try the option of Automatic Backup in Windows 7. It will be like this-

1. Open the Control Panel by pressing the Start button and click on System and Security option.
2. Now click on the Backup and Recovery link.
3. Now click on the Setup Backup link at the top right in the window that opens.
4. A dialog box will now open, asking where you would like to keep your system’s backup (save). Tell your favorite place here.
5. In the next screen, you will be asked what you would like to include in your backup. There is also an option Let Windows Select also. Common users should choose this. If you have advanced information then you can give instructions to back up the favorite content by choosing the second option.
6. Now review your backup settings will be asked to confirm your chosen settings.
7. Under the schedule option, you can decide how quickly your system is backed up – on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It can be told at what time it is taken.
8. If everything is OK then click on the Save Settings and Run Backup button. The backup process will begin. After this, you will be backed up every time you schedule your schedule.

Backup Image from Complete System Restore

We will solve the case rates of troubles in computer-

Case 1: If your computer has not stopped working completely, then by restoring your backup image through the options available in the control panel, the computer can be brought in the same position as before.

1. Reach Control Panel by pressing the Start button.
2. Go to System and Security here, type Recovery in the search box on the top right, and click Recovery link which appears in the results.
3. Now click on Advanced Recovery Methods.
4. Now click on the Use a system image you created earlier to recover your computer link in the dialog box that opens.
5. The recovery process will start. After the process is over, the computer will restart. All in the system will be the same as before.

Case 2: If your computer has stopped working altogether. Take these steps to restore your backup image in such a situation-

1. Restart the computer by pressing the power button.
2. Most people have the same operating system on most computers, but some people with advanced information may have more than one operating system (such as both Windows XP and Windows 7) in the computer. If your computer has an operating system then press F8 on the keyboard as soon as the computer starts keep in mind, that button must be pressed even before Windows 7 starts. If not, then start the computer again and press F8 immediately.
3. Now Advanced Boot Options will appear on your screen. Using the up-down (arrow) button on the board, access the option named Repair Your Computer and press Enter.
4. Now you will be asked about the board layout. Go ahead by selecting English United States. Now ask for the password, enter the same password that you have been putting in when you started Windows 7 till now. Then press the OK button.
5. Now click on System Image Recovery in the menu that appears. Ask where the system image is placed when asked, and go ahead.
6. System restoration process will begin. At the end of this, your computer will reach the old position, i.e. everything back



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