5 Best Anxiety Relief Games to Instantly Reduce Stress in 2020

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Playing games can reduce stress and improve your focus and IQ. Do you know a game can make you free from anxiety and stress?

If you landed on this post in search of anxiety relief games then keep reading I will be showing you the best games you should install in your smartphone and burst your tension, stress & anxiety.

Let me tell you quickly best Anxiety Relief Games:

1. AntiStress

Best Anxiety Relief Games, antistress app

This game can destress your mind in minutes, this gaming app has been structured in a manner that will help you to relax your mind, You get 3D exercise and brain relaxation. It also provides you with mind freshness activities.

The best part about this game is you get a high-quality relaxing sound for quick relief. With smart and smooth control you can play with the iron ball within the app.

You will be also rewarded with different relaxation toy missions for better user experience and satisfaction. This app has been rated 3.7 stars out of 5 on Google play store that sounds interesting.

I read reviews of the Antistress app and found it useful to use if you are looking for apps that can help you release stress.

Download AntiStress from here

2. Adult Coloring book

Best Anxiety Relief Games, adult coloring book

Do you love painting? If yes that’s awesome if you are confused then this app is just for you which will distress your mind with the help of painting and colors.

This app allows you to enjoy colors. You can use this app on your tablet and smartphone. Some highlighted features of this game are like it is really easy to use, anyone, can create and paint sketches in this app with different available colors.

You can learn how to use this app in 5 minutes or less. Two-Finger zoom is also available so that you can paint your paintings easily. Adult coloring app comes with dozens of patterns that you can paint and enjoy.

Exquisite drawing colors are also available, you can paint simple illustrations to complex sketches of animals.

The rating of this stress release app is 4.2 out of 5 on Google play store.

Download the Adult Coloring book app

3. Energy Anti Stress Loops

Best Anxiety Relief Games, Energy anti stress loops

If you want to experience real electricity and want to release anxiety in seconds then this app is one of my favorite.

Let me tell you why you should download and use the Energy Anti Stress Loops app. By the name of this app you might get an idea of how you gonna use this app, you need to make loops by rotating and creating connected loops.

This app claims that if you are spending your time on a regular basis then you can improve OCD & anxiety issues.

You will be getting simple gameplay with different brain teasers to boost your logic skills and improve your concentration.

They also say that this game is better than Yoga how come this will be possible, however, the developer of this game is really very confident about their logic game.

I loved this game and I use it daily to relax my mind and improve my productivity.

InfinityGames owned game is rated 4.7 out of 5 by more than 166,623 users on Google PlayStore.

Download Energy Anti Stress Loops

4. Meditation Game

Best Anxiety Relief Games, meditation game

Your mind is the main asset you have and on a timely basis, you need to feed and perform relaxation activities to over-perform.

Meditation Game is also one of the good apps which anyone can use if they are weak in doing meditations and relaxing activities.

The best part about this app is this is free and as per developers, it will be free for users to use.

You also don’t see ads means your user experience will be phenomenal however, here is one catch that you can buy more in-app purchases which will help the developer financially.

Easy to use game which is committed to relax and make you anxiety-free. You can switch between different themes within the app as per your interest. This app is available in different languages like English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, etc.

On the play store, this app has been rated 4.5 out of 5 and rated by more than 4000+ people.

Download Meditation Game here

5. Mind Games

Best Anxiety Relief Games, mind games

Mind games come with different games that help you to improve your mental strength and provide relief from anxiety and stress.

This app is also available for smartphone & iPhone users. Supports different languages some are French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Arabic.

Brain teasers and puzzle games you will find in this app, one-stop destination for distress games.

Mind games have been rated 4.5 stars out of 5 by more than 180,078+ people on Google Play store.

You can download Mind Games App here.

These stress-relief games are recommended for people who are working in MNCs and people who are feeling lonely in their life. Playing games will improve your concentration level and increase your IQ.

Comment down your favorite games which helped you to release stress.

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  1. Great picks, Amit Sir
    I found this post really informative. I will try these games & i hope this will help me to reduce my stress. Thank You


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