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AnTuTu Lists September’s Top 10 Best Performing Android And iOS Phones

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Written by Bibhu Prasad Bal

Smartphones are launching every day. You can say there is a flood of smartphones. We may often confuse which smartphone to choose.

We have to watch unboxing videos or performance test reports for the device we want to buy. If you have look for the benchmark score then you must have known the name of AnTuTu.

AnTuTu is a well known Chinese software benchmarking tool. It is commonly used to benchmark phones and devices.

We have come across the month of September and have already seen hundreds of phones.

AnTuTu consistently keeps on eye on the phones and has realized the top 10 list of best performing Android and iOS phones.

Let’s find out what are those.

Top 10 best performing Android phones

AnTuTu has released the top 10 best performing Android phones. Here is the top 10 list of best performing Android phones. Find out your best-performing phones here.

Rank Device RAM+Storage CPU UX 3D Total Score
1 ROG Phone 8GB+512GB 95630 64043 126820 299706
2 Mi Black Shark 8GB+128GB 91723 60370 126865 290602
3 OnePlus 6 8GB+256GB 91767 60601 126213 289424
4 vivo NEX S 8GB+256GB 92193 57652 125998 289049
5 Mi 8 6GB+256GB 91262 59419 124547 285544
6 OPPO Find X 8GB+256GB 86721 59799 125718 285338
7 SAMSUNG Note9 (SDM845) 6GB+128GB 89198 59820 125949 283240
8 Asus ZenFone 5Z 8GB+256GB 91452 59276 107349 269933
9 Mi MIX 2S 6GB+64GB 88118 58209 112243 269550
10 Mi POCOPHONE F1 6GB+64GB 91511 57242 111091 268367


After seeing this you may surprise that there are nice phones are there. So why not it include these phones on the list. Well, they are not appropriate for this performance list.

With the 6.0 inches display and Snapdragon 845 (10 nm), ASUS ROG phone is in the number one position. This is among the gaming-centric smartphones that have been released this year.

best performing Android

It is no surprise to see that, there is four phone of Xiaomi in this list. It shows that in performance benchmark test Xiaomi phones are stands still.

The list is dominated by Snapdragon 845-powered smartphones. But this list might change after this month after the release of Huawei’s Kirin 980. The upcoming list must include a phone among Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 X, and Mate 20 RS Porsche Design.

Top 10 best performing iOS devices

AnTuTu has also released the top 10 best performing iOS phones. Here is the top 10 list of best performing iOS phones. Find out your best-performing iPhones and iPad devices here.

Rank Device RAM+Storage CPU UX 3D Total Score
1 iPhone XS 4GB+64GB 129488 65518 144036 348581
2 iPhone XS Max 4GB+256GB 125761 65567 144179 348148
3 iPad Pro (10.5-inch) 4GB+64GB 105921 47188 115825 275135
4 iPad Pro (12.9-inch,2nd) 5GB+64GB 106608 48401 112667 274873
5 iPhone X 3GB+64GB 96017 48224 84894 236403
6 iPhone 8 Plus 3GB+64GB 94001 47875 81759 230760
7 iPhone 8 2GB+64GB 92096 46433 77020 222656
8 iPad Pro (12.9-inch) 4GB+128GB 79857 38916 88759 215072
9 iPad (2018) 2GB+32GB 88335 43737 65513 203716
10 iPad Pro (9.7-inch) 2GB+32GB 79684 37907 64518 187535

It is a little bit surprising that iPhone XS is in the first position rather than iPhone XS Max.

best performing Android

iPhone is surrounded by controversy this month. This is also blamed so much for the price and charging regarding issues.


AnTuTu is doing a wonderful job. It gives us a clear view by performing benchmark tests. It has released the top 10 best performing Android phones and top 10 best performing iOS phones.

The ranking consists of phones that have at least 1,000 units running the benchmark. The scores are averaged of all handsets running the latest V7 version of the software.

This ranking includes global smartphones. The previous list only included the Chinese market.

If you are going to buy any device then you should look at this list once.


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