Amazon’s New Products – Discover Some Cool Products

Amazon’s new products

The largest internet retailer launched a bunch of new echo-products including a talking microwave and clock.

Amazon launched all its new 13 products on Thursday, 20 September 2018. As the Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa is there with the “eco-products” from the beginning. So, with no doubt it present in the new “eco-products” products also.

But the change is now Amazon add Alexa to third-party devices let its user access Alexa from home to their car. Amazon’s new products range in several categories.

Amazon cleared that the new echo-speakers have better sound quality with improved craftsmanship.

The new whisper trick is amazing – Speak softly to Alexa and she will speak softly back to you.

As the echo-products acquire 70% of the market and remain the leading smart speaker in the US, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

So, before people could drift to other products and the lead may down, it unveiled something which seems more attractive.

“We’ve always in our design group focused on products that sort of disappear into the background,” David Limp, head of Amazon’s devices business, said in an interview Thursday.

Most of the products are available in October and November. Some of them are up for pre-order just after their announcement.

So, let’s take a closer look at all the new products from the tech Giant and know their functionality well before you order them online.

Amazon’s new products

Amazon launches several products so let’s see what are the Amazon’s new products?

No. 1 – Third Generation Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon’s new productsThe first one comes in the row is “third Generation Amazon Echo Dot”. Which the company has launched on Thursday, that comes with a noticeable fabric design and curved shape.

The first “Echo-Dot ” which has been popular and best-selling speaker of all time according to Amazon senior vice president of devices and services David Limp. This is among the Amazon’s new products.

The “new Echo-Dot ”  is bigger than it’s predecessor and has a 1.6-inch driver which is updated from the 1.1-inch driver of the previous dot.

The sound quality has been improved i.e the new Echo-Dot now produce 70% louder and much clearer audio.

It can be connected to other speakers via. Bluetooth or by 3.5mm audio cable.

Amazon designed it so well that it will easily mix-match with the furniture. The new Echo Dot comes in charcoal, Heather, Gray, and Sandstone colors.

The price of the New Echo Dot is $49.99. In India, the price will be ₹ 4,499.

This product will be available from 11 October onwards but you can now Pre-order the Echo Dot.

No. 2 – Second Generation Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon’s new productsIt resembles the design of last year Echo Plus but with cloth covering and some improved updates it looks more interesting.

Just like the previous Echo Plus this new one also serves as a smart home hub.

This device comes with a new feature which Amazon calls “Smart home local voice control”. Which functionality is, if the internet goes down, you will still able to access Alexa to control your smart home devices. This is among the Amazon’s new products.

For example – You can say “Alexa turn on the light” or “Alexa turn on the Plug” and it will work.

The Echo Plus includes a temperature sensor that allows you to set a temperature into your routine.

For example – If the temperature of the room is too cool, Alexa can tell you and If the room temperature reaches pick point, Alexa can inform you through a notification to your phone or turn on a connected Fan.

This new Echo Plus will be with Charcoal, Heather Gray and Sandstone colors.

The price of the New Echo Plus is $149.99 and in India, the price is ₹ 14,999. It will be available from 11 October onwards but you can Pre-order the Echo Plus now.

No. 3 – Amazon Echo Show

Amazon’s new productsThe Echo Show is the first Echo device from Amazon that features with a display. But this time it comes with some updates, that was badly needed.

The new Echo Show has got a fabric covered back design. The screen size has gone up from 7-inch to 10-inch. The sound quality has been improved with the 2-inch dual side-by-side firing speakers with “real-time Dolby sound processing”.

It will have the virtual assistant Alexa built in which will listen to you through an eight earphone array. This is among the Amazon’s new products.

The new Echo Show has a 5MP camera on the front for video calling and also support to the third-party browser like Microsoft’s Skype for video calling, Amazon silk and also the Firefox.

Echo Show will work as a smart home hub, just like the New Echo Plus. It also integrated with Hulu and NBC TV for live TV and with VeVo for a music video.

The price of the New Echo Show is $229.99. In India, the price is ₹ 16,500.

This product will be available from 11 October onwards but you can now Pre-order the Echo Show.

No. 4 – Amazon Echo Input

Amazon’s new productsIf you want to convert your Speaker to a smarter one, then Amazon Echo Input is for you.

It will add Alexa capabilities to your microphones, speakers and Bluetooth devices over a 3.5mm audio cable. So, you can operate them through Alexa.

Echo Input built with four microphone array through which Alexa can listen to your voice. This is among the Amazon’s new products.

There is no speaker on the Echo Input, where all the audio will play over the connected speaker.

The 12mm tall smart speaker converter comes in both white and black color.

The price of Echo Input is $ 39.99 in the US and Germany. In India, the price is ₹ 2,500.

Sorry!! There is no information available about when the product goes on sale or when the Pre-order will start.

No. 5 – Amazon Echo Sub

Amazon’s new productsIf you want to add some bass when listening to a music by the Echo speakers, then Amazon Echo Sub will help you.

It is the first wireless sub-woofer by Amazon, that add some extra bass to the Echo-speakers. This is among the Amazon’s new products.

It can pair with the Echo Speakers to create 2.1 or 1.1 stereo Speaker setup. After the pairing, the setup acts as a single speaker.

This new update is helpful for multiple music playback. That means you can play a single track in a different room of your house.

Echo Sub offers you a much better sound quality and you can control it by just saying “Alexa turn up the bass”.

The price of Echo Sub is $129.99. In India, the price will be ₹ 12,999. This product will available from 14 November onwards but you can Pre-order the Echo Sub now.

No. 6 – Amazon Echo Link And Amazon Link Amp

Amazon’s new productsIf you want to convert your existing audio system like an amplifier to Alexa-command universe Echo Link And Link Amp are two best options out there.

Echo Link will connect to your music system and allow you to stream music control volume and multi-room audio playback through Alexa. This is among the Amazon’s new products.

It has analog, optical, coax, 3.5mm headphone jack and subwoofer like the Echo Sub and analog, optical, and coax line-ins.

It also has a volume knob for control the volume to be louder or slower. There is no microphone present in it, so you will need to connect it with one Echo device to control it.

The Link Amp with the 60W, 2-channel amplifier, it is simply the higher version of Echo Link.

It has a left-right speaker output to connect non-Alexa powered speakers.

Both the Echo Link and Echo Amp are built in Alexa. So, you can control them by just saying “turn up the music in the living room”  and it will play music for you.

The price of Amazon Echo Link is $199.99. In India, the price will be ₹ 14,400.

And the price of Echo Amp is $299.99. In India, the price will be ₹ 21,550.

There is no information available on when the two product is going to be available.

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No. 7 – Echo Auto

Amazon’s new productsNowadays cars are becoming smart but with Echo Auto, it will become smarter. After covering your home, now Alexa reach in your car.

It will connect with your car via 12V USB cable to get power. It will connect with your car’s stereo system by a 3.5mm audio jack or via Bluetooth. This is among the Amazon’s new products.

For Alexa capabilities, it will need the Wi-Fi connection of your Phone. This tiny device mounts on your dashboard and it will apparently boot very quickly.

It will take your location details for the stuff like traffic report, location-based routines can alert Alexa to turn on the home lights or will open your garage door when you reach home.

You can ask Alexa like “Where is the nearest Starbucks is?” or like Alexagive me a direction to local conflict-free coffee shop”.

You can ask Alexa to add products to your shopping list, play music through Amazon entertainment system, also can ask for broadcast morning news, listen to an audiobook and so on.

It provides through Waze (by default), Apple map and Google map also available.

The price of the regular Echo Auto is $49.99 and for special invites, the price is $24.99.

No. 8 – Fire TV Recast

Amazon’s new products

At the launch event, Amazon has launched a new hardware product that is relevant to Fire TV stick and hence called Fire TV Recast, which is Amazon’s first antenna and DVR. This is among the Amazon’s new products.

With the fire TV Recast, you can go over the air and will play and record Live TV channels, which can be viewed on Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, ios and Android.

You can Stream Live TV anywhere from shows to local news, sports, and more from stations like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, and The CW – says Amazon.

“We realized that the average person in the US has access to several dozen channels coming into their home over the air,” Marc Whitten, vice president, and general manager of Fire TV said in an interview.”

“And it’s not a very convenient or integrated experience as it exists today. So we saw this as a way to go after that particular problem”.

There are two variants of Fire TV Recast is available.

One with two tuners and a 500GB DVR, Which allow you to record two shows at a time and cost about $229.99.

The other one with Four tuners and 1TB  which allow you to record Four shows at a time and cost about $279.99.

This item will be available from 14 November onwards but you can Pre-order the Fire TV Recast now. 

No. 9 – Smart Plug

Amazon’s new productsThis new Smart Plug turns almost every electrical device into a smart device, Which the can be controlled by Amazon’s voice assistance Alexa.

The most interesting fact about Smart Plug is, you won’t require a smart home hub in order to control it. This is among the Amazon’s new products.

Because it houses with a microphone and a speaker. Through which Alexa can able to listen to your voice and replies respectively.

If you have the Echo device at home then it will work more conveniently. Plug it in and Alexa will recognize this device.

After Alexa recognize your Smart Plug, you will able to name the Plug what you wish. So, Alexa knows which room it works in and which device you are trying to control.

You can control devices like a Lamp, a coffee maker, a mixer grinder and anything that can have a Plug for power in and out.

The Smart Plug costs about $24.99 and In India, the price is ₹ 1, 815. The product will ship from 11 October onwards but you can able to Pre-order for the Smart Plug now.

No. 10 – Amazon Basic Microwave

Amazon’s new productsAmazon launched a basics microwave on the launch event on Thursday. It does not come with built-in Alexa but you can connect it to another Alexa device in your kitchen. And able to cook just by asking “Alexa”.

This microwave has an “Ask Alexa” button for example – you can press to tell Alexa how long you want to cook, too: “Cook for five minutes and thirty seconds. This is among the Amazon’s new products.

And with the “dash-replenishment” button you can order popcorn directly from the device when the items are fall shot. Isn’t it interesting, yes of course?

The cost of the basic Microwave is just $59.99 and in India, the price will be ₹ 4,300 approximately. It will start shipping from 14 November onwards but you can Pre-order the Microwave now.

No. 11 – Echo Wall Clock

Amazon’s new products
The new Echo Wall Clock in-built with Alexa. As it called as Echo Wall Clock so, you have to connect it to an existing Echo device.

After that, you can use your voice command to set a timer and it can set multiple timers at a time. This is among the Amazon’s new products.

This is an analog clock but it has a built-in motor and powered by a 10-inch battery.

It built with 60 LEDs which shows multiple timers for cooking, countdown etc.

“You never have to worry about daylight savings,” Limp said. “The motor will automatically change.”

The price of the Echo Clock is $29.99. In India, the price will be ₹ 2,100. The product is not available for sale or for Pre-order now.

12 – Security Camera

Amazon’s new products
Amazon launched two security cameras are named “Ring Stick up cam Wired” and    “Ring stick up cam battery” respectively. This is among the Amazon’s new products.

Both the cameras can record or stream videos @1080p Full HD resolution. Some other features like motion detection, night vision, two-way-talk, a siren, and wide view angle also present.

The wired Ring sticks up can power supply through an Ethernet cable or by Micro- USB cable. Where the Battery Ring stick up cam will last for 6 to 12 months depending on the usage.

If you have other Echo products like the “Smart home hub” or the “Echo Show” or other screen-enabled Alexa devices, then you can connect your “security camera” to it.

Then you can operate them through Alexa. For example – just say “Alexa show me the living room” or wherever you have put it.

The price of the security cameras is $179.99. Pre-order for Ring stick up cam now.

Update To Alexa

As you know Alexa is the virtual assistant of Amazon and the tech Giant introduced it (Alexa) everywhere from your home to your car. It is now turning more day-to-day products to Alexa voice capabilities.

So, at the launch event, Amazon announced some new and interesting updates coming to Alexa. Amazon’s new products launch also includes Alexa update.

Let’s see what are the new updates

Alexa Guard: Alexa Guard is a new security feature that integrated with your existing Echo devices.

The Alexa Guard features with glass breaking sensor, Smoke, and carbon monoxide detector and integrated with security service provider like ADT, which Amazon purchased earlier this year.

Just say “Alexa I’m leaving” and it will put all your Echo device into guard mode. So, they will listen sound like breaking glass.

Other smart alerts include “away lighting mode”. Where Alexa turns on and off the smart lights automatically make it look like someone is at the home.

Alexa Whisper: Amazon has been working on Alexa to be more convenient and this new feature will surely blow your mind.

You will whisper to Alexa and she will whisper back. The Alexa built-in devices have a microphone with verifying sensitivity.

That one can get more personal with Alexa in order to dim the response.

Alexa Hunches: In order to make the voice assistance Alexa more reliable and smarter, Amazon adds a new feature to Alexa called “Alexa Hunches”.

With this new feature, Alexa marks the indication that a user often asks through command.

If a user says “Goodnight Alexa” or “Alexa set an alarm at 5 AM” which has heard this command daily, will record all the behavioral data and follow a hunch.

After saying Good night to Alexa, It also checks for if your doors are unlocked or you left any Smart light turn on and make suggestions like “would you like me to turn off it?”.


So, that’s it. These are the 13-great pieces of hardware devices that were launched by Amazon on Thursday 20 September. Choose which one you will buy after these products release to market and will allow Alexa to reduce some workload.

With the continuous efforts to make Alexa more smarter, that understand its user well Amazon putting it (Alexa) to everywhere from your home to your car, letting you use your voice command to control everything.

Now with the addition of some new features to Alexa, it becomes more convenient to use. Overall that launch-event was a perfect integration of hardware and software products by Amazon.

Let’s see when these products come to market and how much attention are they able to grab? Hoping they will come soon and perform well.



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