Amazon Introduced AI-Based Tech (Amazon Distance Assistant)

Amazon Distance Assistant

Amazon worlds largest eCommerce company launches AI-based tech to maintain social distancing in their warehouses and offices. You guys know Amazon always test experiment latest technology in their businesses. Now they have come up with Distance assistance, this device monitors the office using camera footage to identify high traffic areas.

Amazon Introduced AI-Based Tech (Amazon Distance Assistant) 1

According to Amazon, it will highlight in red-green areas, if found so many workers at one place will be highlighted red and places with less traffic will be highlighted in green. You can see in the below gif image that if people are walking keeping social distance it is showing green circles and if they are coming close it displays red circles.

Amazon distance assistance monitor

I would say this is one of the best decisions Amazon had taken to its employees in these hard situations.

Due to this COVID 19 pandemic, many companies have tried their ways to make their office space a safe place to work. Amazon introduced an innovative way to make its employees safe with AI.

In this pandemic situation most companies have lost their businesses completely and they are firing their human resources however Amazon hired nearly more than 175,000+ employees this year.

The system is live at a handful of buildings, these were the words by the Amazon on Tuesday.

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