A12 Bionic – The Most Intelligent Chip By Apple

A12 Bionic

Recently Apple launched its iPhone X-series with many additional features than the previous iPhone X. From the list of the new improvements, two main eye-catching updates are the iOS 12 software and A12 Bionic Chip.

As I talked about iOS 12 in my previous article “New features in iOS 12” where you will get complete information about it.

So, this time I’m going to tell about the A12 processor. Which is equipped in the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

The world becoming faster day by day and who wants to use a muffled processor in their smartphones?

To make people increase their mobile experience and do tasks faster companies are trying to build a processor that works more efficiently and helps their smartphones run as fast as possible.

Apple on the launch event of new iPhone X – series also unveiled the A12 Bionic Chip. Which is packed full of artificial intelligence technology and designed to improve the overall performance of the new handsets.

Which Apple claims that it is the industry’s first 7-nm chip and it is “the smartest and most Powerful chip ever in a smartphone”.

Now go to flashback and observe what Apple has done with the A-series in the past.

Two Line On Apple’s A-series

Each and every time the product of Apple is remarkable. As the processor is the heart of smartphone, so how can not Apple offer high-quality processor in its device.

Apple Inc. has developed a series of “System of Chip” (SoC) as well as “System in Package” (SiP) Processor for their mobile devices.

With each generation of A-series processor, Apple did some improvements that come up with the elegant rise in performance than its predecessor.

That helps input furthermore special features in iOS.

A12 Bionic

If you look back you can see the A10 Bionic is the real game changer. With 10-nm design and Quad-core Processor (two cores for high performance and other two cores dedicated for efficiency).

With the A11 Bionic that seen in last year in iPhone X was the most interesting thing to watch out.

It is a 10-nm design based Six cores processor (two cores for high performance and other four cores for efficiency and day-to-day iOS works).

Now this time the Giant comes with a 7-nm design chip with upgrade “Neural engine” and “eight-core” to deliver more improve performance than the last year A11 Bionic Chip.

Now let’s have a look at the design of A12 Bionic, which makes it the industry’s first 7-nm chip.

Design of A12 Bionic

It is the first ever 7-nm chip in the industry designed by Apple.

A nanometer is a billionth of a meter, which means as smaller as the size more transistors can fit onto a single chip.

So, here the chip features with 6.9 billion transistors, 6-core CPU and 4-core GPU and 8-core Neural engine to handle real-time machine learning tasks like face ID recognition, Animoji, voice recognition, also help you to take high-quality photos and videos.

A12 Bionic

The previous A11 Bionic Chip in the iPhoneX had only “two-core” Neural engine, which could handle 600 billion operations per second.

And now the A12 Bionic Chip comes with “eight-core” Neural engine. Can you guess how much operations can it handle per second? It is 5 trillion!

Now take a brief look at the performance of A12 Bionic, which it can do with ease.

Performances Of A12 Bionic Chip

The A12 Bionic has a “Smart computing system”. can figure out which is the chipset unit (CPU / GPU / Neural engine) is suitable to computing a task/command/operation and fit it with the best unit which it seems the best.

The 6-core CPU has 2-cores for high performance and 4-cores for work efficiency.

A12 Bionic

The 2-high performance cores are 15% faster and use 40% less power than the previous A11 Bionic.

The 4-efficiency cores that use up to 50% less power in efficiency mode which helps for better battery life.

The 4-core GPU now becomes more effective and 50% faster than the previous A11’s.

The 8-core Neural engine is designed for advanced, that it handles real-time machine learning and Artificial intelligence based tasks more effectively.

The neural engine can perform tasks like

  • It will speed up face ID recognition.
  • It will effectively recognize people’s hair, glass, face, and process accordingly during image capture.
  • The neural engine makes Animoji characters more cartoonists.
  • It has improved common camera modes like Portrait mode and portrait lighting mode for better photography and clearer live facetime calls.
  • The neural engine now opened the Core ML platform for third-party web developers. So, the developers can bring powerful, real-time machine learning to their Apps.

Let’s take an example: Apple showed a new App called “Homecourt”. Which you can set up to as you play basketball, while it captures the number of shots you make and a number of misses.

A12 Bionic

This real-time analysis surely requires some serious performance at the silicon level. So, this seems like A12 Bionic has AI meaty processing.

App created with Core ML, Apple’s machine learning framework can able to run up to Nine-times faster on A12 Bionic silicon.

It launches the Apps 30% faster and uses only one-tenth power than the previous A11’s.

The chip storage capacity also has increased. Now it can handle up to 512GB flash memory, which is a half terabyte in an iPhone in your pocket. And it is enough for 200,000 photos.

As I said in above this chip features to the most number of transistors i.e 6.9 billion and 8-cores Neural engine.

So, it can perform 5-trillion operation per second. It is much more than last year A11’s, which able to do 600 million operations per second.

It also supports technologies like tessellation, multilayer rendering, and lossless memory compression.

A12 Bionic benchmarks

Though there is not any clearance from Apple about the benchmarking scores of A12 Bionic and it may never.

A leaked number show the benchmark performance of A12, that it get 4,754 for single core and 9,363 for multicores. Check the full details here.

A12 Bionic

Earlier Huawei also unveiled a 7-nm chip called Kirin 980, to which company asserts that this chip is faster than Apple’s A12 Bionic.

The company also declared that this chip will debut in Huawei P20 mate flagship and sub-brand Honor’s Magic 2 and will be powered in further Huawei and Honor devices.


But it is difficult to say which one is fastest until Kirin 980 does not debut in the market.

Both the two company Apple and Huawei worked with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to develop their high-powered silicon.

Apple has created an S4 processor for its “Apple watch series 4”. This S4 Processor got an updated to fourth-generation SIP (Silicon in Package). It has a 64-bit dual core processor which led to two-times faster performance than the previous models.

Final Word On A12 Bionic Chip

As the technology developing day by day and companies are aggressively adapting to it. So, there is nothing surprising when you see some unusual which is beyond your imagination . Especially when it was made by company Apple.

Apple has always been effective with its A-series processor line-up and this time with the A12 Bionic the design and the performance is really admirable.

Now it is interesting to watch as Huawei started demanding for its Kirin 980, that it is fastest than Apple’s A12 chip.

The A12 is now working with new Apple iPhones (i.e iPhoneXS, iPhoneXS Max and iPhone XR). Whereas Kirin-980 has not come in market and even after coming it will on the Android platform, not on Apple’s.

See whose processor become the fastest in the smartphone industry in future.



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