5G Technology is Coming Soon. The Question is: Do We Really Need It?

5g technology

Well, it is 2018 and the fire of 5g technology is already on the verge of expansion. As humans, we always want the newer technology and when it comes to Smartphone network, I bet, everyone wants, “The Best From the Rest”.

Yes, the 5g technology hype has started to catch fires and is on full throttling speed now. Further, talking about the first 5g mobile phone will bring Samsung into the limelight.

Here, the company is preparing to release its 5g phone. But still, there are other better competitors out there in the race too.

So, the real question lies, “Is it too early to fall for 5g?” Hence for that, let us move ahead and discover some really cool insights from the article itself.

5g technology Hype Is Growing at  Greater Pace:

Here are some Insights

Despite 5g’s amazing functionality and speed, it will deliver, still, the cloud of doubts is surrounding it. There are some potential risks for the early adopter and me as your guide will always want the best for you.

LTE is Faster & Reliable

We know that the 5g speed will be blazing fast but LTE is not far away in this game. Yes, the first question you really need to task is,” Why you need the Next generation Communication Technology?”

It is not like that your current network is 2g and you want a booster in your overall communication speed.

YOU and 4G VS 5G

5g technology

I know you are going through a series of some serious confusion which was the reason for making this article for you.

Here, there are chances that your 4G network is running much faster than the usual. And, there is no need to upgrade to the 5g technology.

Further, the LTE structure will again be a backbone of the 5g phones in India as well as the rest of the world. Hence, at longer distances, even the 5g communication will be flawless and smooth, all over.

While the next generation 5g will, of course, be a little better than the 4g networks in any case. In addition, the rollout will start in the cities which are largely dense and use technology to great extents.

Get to Know the average 4G LTE Speed?

Whenever we talk about the global level, the 4G LTE data speed lands around 17Mbps which are still amazing.

At such speed, you can easily download your favorite stuff and stream movies, with great ease and comfort.

Moving ahead here is how much Internet Speed you need for different tasks:

  • Streaming 1080p Videos: 4 to 5 Mbps
  • Hi-Res Music Playing: 1Mbps
  • 4K Resolution Video Playing: 15 to 25Mbps
  • Online Gaming like the Fortunite: 3Mbps

5G Will Take Time to be at Full Swing

Most early, the implementation of the 5g technology will happen in technology-dense cities.

Further, it will take sufficient time for levying the whole technology and cover a significant number of the population.

Reason? People are still not used to 4g LTE technology and are still figuring out which will take years, for sure.

Now, in terms of the 5g technology, U.S will be the first country to adopt the 5g network before the very end of 2018.

For this, everything is done and dusted and what remains is the implementation for the same. But, it will be wise to wait and analyze the money which will be spent on the 5g technology for each hub.

Till when will the 5g technology in the US Spread effectively?

More likely, by the year 2021 or even later, the 5g technology will cover most of the cities of the US.

Further, in terms of the other countries, it will take 2024 to 2025 for 5g to completely tale over other generations.

Future Technology Levying Too Early?

 5g network

credits: National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission Study

Here, we really don’t have any clue about the pricing of any 5g Smartphone.

Coming down towards the Moto Z3s mod, they haven’t given a price bracket yet. Still, you can expect a much higher pricing than usual.

What about the Moto Z3 Mod Release Date?

The mod release date is all set to come into action by 2019 which is good news for every Motorola Fan.

Hence, it will be more beneficial to wait until the next year and see what Motorola has for its potential customers.

Now, as smart persons, we can apply the same thinking when it comes towards the latest 5g phones.

Here, LG and Samsung are all set to launch their 5G handsets by 2019 or even later, time is the best answer.

On top of everything, the very first 5g Smartphone will come at a premium rate and a rough price of $1,000 will be the basic norm.

In addition, your local area might not get a good 5g connection by 2020, 2021 and the things can get more late.

What can you expect from the 2019 5g technology?

5g launch in india

Simply, there is no guarantee that the 2019 5g handsets will come with a full fledge 5g service or not. Hence, assuming is clearly not the answer in spite seeing reality is.

Even by the year 2023, there is a 50-50 chance that the world will get their first 5g Smartphone & network coverage.

The Returning of Data Caps

As the implementation of the 5g network, India is unknown, other companies are working harder to release higher speeds more too often.

At least in the next few years, you will witness a noticeably higher speed and streaming which will be blazing fast, in any case.

In the U.S or any other major country, rolling of unlimited data plans has already started. As for the U.S, the country comes under the most expensive places for per megabyte wireless contracts.

5g mobile phone

Hence, with this, we can assume that the 5g data plans will be much more expensive. And, definitely will not come with an unlimited data plan, for sure.

Overall, with a limited coverage and a limited data pack, the 5g technology could levy additional expenses on the customers.

A Take on India’s 5g Technology Launch


Wrapping Things Up: 5g technology, A Success or Failure?

If we look at the present date scenario, it’s a clear NO From my Side about the 5g smartphones and technology. Even in India, the 5g launch in India is a clueless thing without any doubt.

I mean, the world is happy and using 4g unlimited data speed and we don’t really need to have an add-on for such a good thing.

Still. In the nearby future, 5g can become a global success where people can enjoy faster speeds with happiness and comfort.

What you really Need to Do?

Head down towards the comment section and let me know answers to the following questions:

  • Will you adopt the 5g technology?
  • Which Company Will Launch the First 5g Smartphone according to you?
  • Do you think this technology will be overpriced?

Both way, you can share your views and I will respond to each of them, for sure.

Finally, you can share this 5g technology article with your friends, family. And, make them aware of this upcoming technology from every possible aspect of life.



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