10 New Google Patents – Some Out Of The Box Technologies


It is worth saying that the internet Giant Google has covered almost every part of our life with its spectacular inventions. And the parts which remain left, the vehicle will reach soon there.

It always amazes us with its products and services. As we know Android OS and search engine are the two main region where Google works the most.

But apart from that, it works on a futuristic project like self-driving cars by using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques.

Not only Google but also many big brand companies like Tesla, Amazon, Apple are also moving there hands in this field.

Some Google patents

Along with all these extraordinary stuff, the Giant developing some “Patents” for the betterment of our living. Now I am going to reveal some Google patents.

Now you wondering what is a patent?

Yes, obviously when I heard about it for the first time I also get into thinking.

Then and researched it and got a clear idea about it. Now it’s your turn.

Here are some weirdest, cool and creepy Patents from the search engine Giant that would be expected to come out in upcoming days.

As we proceed in this article you will get everything to know about Google’s patents.

So, let’s start.

No. 1 – Teddy Bear

Google patentsGoogle’s engineers have continued the making of “anthropomorphic device” which looks like a teddy bear and have the ability to control tech gadgets from computer to DVRs. This is among the Google patents.

Recently Sony launched its fourth generation robotic dog named “Sony Aibo ERS-1000”. Which can easily interact with people and learn from them?

Similarly, this teddy can also interact with people and used to watch little kids as a parent.

This teddy comes with cameras, microphones, and speakers installed in the head of it which helps it to make eye contact with the user, listen to the conversation or commands and watch your movements.

If you want to give any command to it, then you have to move your hand or you have to spell that command.

In response to the command, the teddy may make an audio or give any visual signal showing his gratitude towards the user.

This teddy can be connected to internet devices via. Wi-Fi and could then control devices like TV, Pc, music system and other smart home appliances.

Google explains that the teddy may arrange in a way that, only recognizes the voice of a limited number of members such as those living in the house. And the camera in the eyes of the teddy could use to recognize the user’s face.

This patent was originally filed in February  2012 and was granted last week.

Now move to the next patent.

No. 2 – Bionic vision

Google patents
Google has filed a patent that seems very interesting i.e a vision-correcting electronic device. This is among the Google patents. Which could be implanted in human eyes and replace the natural lens in order to give perfect vision forever.

And the injectable technology called “Bionic eye”.

This patent was filed in 2014 and was published last week.

This device can correct your vision without putting contact lenses or glasses on a regular basis.

But to implant this device in your eye, you have to go through surgery.

How could the Bionic Eye replace: first of all after removing the person’s natural lenses from the lens capsule of their eye, a fluid which acts like a super glue injected into the eye capsule.

After that, the surgeon injects an “intra – ocular-device” in the lens capsule.

The superglue would solidify to create bonding between the lens capsule and the device.

The “intra – ocular – device” would correct the wearer ’s vision. The sensor in that device would sense when the wearer trying to see something nearer or far away.

This sensor adjusts the wearer’s vision by using technologies such as micro-mirror, Liquid crystals, and tiny-micro-fluid pumps.

It could include additional lenses to help fix eyesight problems such as near-sightedness or astigmatism.

This device also included electronic lenses along with sensors, storage, internal battery, and radio components which means you can communicate with external devices.

This device gets the power from “energy-harvesting-antenna”.

This is not only the device that the tech Giant planning to insert in the eye but there is another one called  “a prototype contact lens” which will monitor your glucose level.

It is the next patent in our list. Let’s have a look at how it works.

No. 3- Solar Powered Contact Lens

Google patents

In the future, you are not going to wear normal contact lenses. Than just correct your eye vision the lens can monitor your glucose level in your blood. This is among the Google patents.

Isn’t it amazing, yes it is?

These lenses can measure your blood sugar level by using a tiny wireless chip and a tiny glucose sensor.

Along with measuring the glucose level of your body it can also do things like,  monitor your body temperature and alcohol level in your blood and send that information to another device.

It could sense the type of environment around you and if there any allergens or hazardous materials present in the air.

So, you can able to move your self from that place and prevent to catch any allergies.

You can able to scan barcodes and price tags with the help of this contact lens like a superhero.

With these contact lenses, you should be able to connect with a personal digital assistant, computer, TV, and smartphones also.

“Retinal analysis of a user can be performed and an optical signal transmitted in response to an authentication request” – the patent states.

Now the most important thing about the contact lens. From where they get power?

The answer is, it generates all its power from the sunlight or from the light of the harvest that emitted from a device.

There is no guarantee when this patent becomes a reality for us and if it does in the near future we all become like a hero and agents in movies.

No. 4 – AR Glasses

Google patentsIt is heard that Google has filed a patent that going to change the functionality of your glasses in the future.

The glasses hold external prism and projector which project images and texts on any nearer surface or on the wearer’s hand. This is among the Google patents.

Not the complete information available but the render shows that Google’s idea is outside if a graphical interface.

The smart glass houses the earpieces, microphone, processor, memory and LEDs or laser that could project images onto the wearer’s eyeball directly.

Google patents
As it is called a smart glass, so it creates an in-focus image near to the user’s eye, which means it brings the distance object into your vision line or allowing digital correction of eyesight. So, if you look closely at the design the smart glasses look slightly bulkier as compared to the normal glasses.

No. 5 – Bathroom Health Monitoring

Google patentsThe tech Giant now aimed to convert your bathroom into a diagnostic area.

That can monitor your cardiovascular health as you enter the room and shows the reports. This is among the Google patents.

The patent embedding with many things like a camera in the bathroom mirror that able to detect your skin color variation.

Sensors on the toilet seat, bath mat that measures different behaviors of your body like blood pressure and heartbeat rate.

The sensor in the bathtub creating an “ultrasonic bathtub” that could produce a high-frequency wave to perform an echo test.

After collecting all the data, they could be sent to a health professional if you want.

Google claims that the data of a person’s health that collected by the patent sensors in the bathroom could much more valuable than those collected in a medical office.

No. 6 – Comic Strip Chatting

Google patents

Do you like to read a comic book? What will be your reaction? If I tell you that you can convert your WhatsApp and Facebook chatting into a comic.

Yes, you can. Google has failed a patent also for that. This is among the Google patents.

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After converting the chatting into a comic you can share it on social media.

Selecting which conversation you want to convert into comic, the patent turns them into a comic strip. Which will look more interesting.

No. 7 – Smart Watch Blood Monitoring

Google patentsMillions of people have been suffering from diabetes and going for blood sugar check-up three times on a day to confirm that their insulin level is under control.

Now Google has filed a patent for a needle-free blood sugar level check-up. This is among the Google patents.

A system that can use as a wristwatch of a person who take a sample of your blood without using a needle.

So, now you wondering without needle how can it draw blood? Well, let me clear this.

This system works on blasting a gas-powered microparticle into the skin which then punctures the skin to collect small drops of blood.

Then the blood drops taken into a  negative pressure container. Which then further carry for the test.

This device comes with other configurations like the aforementioned blood-sucking wearable and can be used to measure glucose levels.

Google claims that this “gas-powered microparticle” technology might be used for drawing a small amount of blood for such as diabetes tests.

If this smartwatch-like technology would come it will help people with diabetes.

No. 8 – Smart Tattoo

Google patentsMake a tattoo on the body is cool as it gives you a different look. But what if I told you that, you can apply an electronic tattoo that connects to your mobile device.

Google has filed a patent on a smart Tattoo, that could be fitted at your neck. Which includes a microphone and a lying dictator. This is among the Google patents.

The tattoo is not permanent, it is applied to a sticky substance onto your neck. And could be configured to light up whenever you neck muscles flex.

This device allows wireless communication to your mobile device through commands.

According to the patent, such a technique could more effective because it reduces the background noise and produces more clear audio.

This smart Tattoo also includes a lie-dictator. Which means you can’t speak lie whenever you talk to someone on your phone. Oops!! that does not sound good.

The patent includes a “galvanic skin response detector to detect skin resistance of a user”.

It can able to detects the skin response of the user’s when he/she is nervous or telling a lie.

Because his/her body might have different skin-response than a more confident person who is telling the truth.

The device might get the power from solar panel technology, capacitive technology, nanotechnology or electro-mechanical technology.

No. 9 – Odor killing Fan

Google patentsExercise regularly keeps you healthy and fit but the sweat release at that time does not smell good. For this Google has a solution to smell fresh. This is among the Google patents.

This patent was filed by Google in the year 2012. This device is like a wearable gadget that could emit pleasant fragrances when it detects you are exerting yourself to cover up your body Odor.

This fragrance emission device could fit under your cloth near the sweat release areas, that detect the smells and activity.

If it found that your odor level rises up, then the device emits a short of sweet-smelling fragrance.

The device also includes a tiny fan to ensure that the fragrances should go to the right areas.

This device also involves a sensor for communication and route suggestions. It would connect to the social network and suggest an optional route if you don’t want to meet your friends with bad body Odor.

No. 10 – Glue for Cars

Google patentsAs day by day road accidents is increasing in huge amount and the world moving towards “self-driving cars” very quickly. So, it is necessary to keep in mind the protection of walkers on the road. This is among the Google patents.

Google has moved a step ahead with a Patent filed that include the technology to stick a person on the bonnets of the car if it hit that person.

The adhesive layer would coat the front of the self-driving cars but cover by something that is not sticky. But when the car hits someone the glue comes out and catches the pedestrian and doesn’t let to fall under wheels or onto the ground.

The layer that presents under the hood may be made up of very sticky substance like to flypaper, or double-sided duct tape.

Which could hold the pedestrian instantly at the time of the collision, in order to minimize the damage of that person as much as possible?


So, these are some interesting patent from the tech giant. Not for the first time, Google filed some Patents before these it was filed Patents for devices that will never see the light of the day. These are some Google patents.

As it always works on some futuristic project and aimed to improve our living, so we can hope that these 10 Patents came out actually.



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