Top 10 Apps for Students

Apps for Students
Apps for Students

If you are a student or a child studying in your home, then this post can be very useful for you. This Post is about Top 10 Apps for Students, especially for children who are in the 8th standard or above class. Nowadays the kids grow up a bit, then the smartphone comes in their hands.

Then the parents keep shouting at the children that they are engaged in mobile throughout the day. But if you make their mobile like as a learning tool you are also happy and the children are happy too.

Now you must be wondering how it will be. Just think you have a smartphone and the smartphone speaks to those who can do smart work. You can easily make this phone your learning tool. Then the children will be able to do a lot of work related to studies on mobile.

First of all, delete the useless application in the phone first. Now in this post tell the student about 10 useful android apps as per your requirement.

These educational android apps can help a lot of students in the study. So let’s know who this app is and what its features are.

Apps for Students

Top 10 Apps for Students:

  1. Khan Academy

By studying, if the students are having problems in any subjects then they join coaching. Let’s clear the subject by giving extra time. But these applications are like a good coaching teacher.

If you want help in any subject from your mobile at home then you can get better guidance here. Apart from subjects such as math, science, economics, educational tutorials of all subjects will be found here.

Better explanations are provided by free videos. If you are a serious student and want to make the right use of your smartphone, then download it.

  1. Meritnation – CBSE ICSE & More

Whether you are a coaching class or a school class, if you have any doubt, then support your friends. If this facility is available at home, then I don’t think that you have a problem in it.

This app will provide better learning materials for a student of 6 to 12 classes. You will be able to share your problems with each other by creating a profile of yourself. Your knowledge will also be shared with others.

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Like a school class, you will find a homework. So that you can better prepare for the exam. Topics will be cleared by the best videos tutorial.

These applications are best for all students and must install it in their mobile. If you have not done this download now, download this free educational app.

  1. Wikipedia

You must have heard Wikipedia’s name. If not, or if you are new to the Internet world or you just do more time in WhatsApp & Facebook.

Wikipedia is a storehouse of knowledge and students should have knowledge only. If you need information in the details of anything, then download this application.

This will not only give you full details of different topics, but with this help you can write a good essay on any topic.

And in the class when your essay is appreciated. Then mind you will definitely say this app thank you. Well a little thank you, I will also like to talk to you but it does not have any need ok.

  1. Photomath – Camera Calculator

There will be many students who are less than ghosts and more afraid of maths subject. If you are also involved then there is no need to be scared. Fight with your fears because in a single ad where the Hrithik Roshan ji is that fear is a victory ahead. 🙂

Photomath applications will help you solve maths by solving the questions. As you multiply two large numbers from your calculator, for that you have to type the numbers in the calculator.

But just with this application, just take your camera ahead of that question and by detecting this auto it will answer the question quickly. Is not that awesome app?

This will not only save you time but instead of the calculator where you are having trouble, you can use Photomath – Camera Calculator.

  1. Office Lens

What do you do if you have to give any documents or notes to your friends? You might have taken his photo and share it. Or whatever else be the way.

But Office Lens works as a scanner. With this application you will get a good image quality and you can also trim the image. That is, will be able to remove unnecessary parts that are visible in the image.

These apps can also be great for students. Because it is needed in the classroom or beyond it. Microsoft can download these great apps for free.

  1. Google Docs

When teachers in the classroom speak to make you a few notes, then you will be removing your notebook. But if you want to note in your mobile itself?

Teacher in Classrooms does not allow mobile but if you have to make any document that means making any document, you can easily create it with the help of Google Docs.

Like I am sitting in a park and I have to write something that I will need later, then I will open this application in my mobile and save by writing any notes I write.

Now we can see those documents made by us whenever we want to open them. You can also take a copy of all the documents by logging on to your computer.

  1. Google PDF Viewer

Many times you get WhatsApp or get a pdf file via another sharing medium. But many people are not open in mobile because it requires a pdf reader app to read.

Most e-books today are available in pdf format only. The Google PDF Viewer will help you to read any pdf file in your mobile.

Please open this pdf file related to your class and download this app to read it. This great pdf reader app is available free of charge.

  1. Google Translate

Regardless of the need for a translation in any class, there always falls. If you want to translate Hindi to English and Hindi in Hindi then your mobile must have Google Translate.

These applications cannot be translated to Hindi and English but instead can be translated into 103 other languages. Now you can understand how useful this app can be in studies.

You can also use it as a dictionary. It runs in both online and offline mode. The language package for offline will have to be downloaded.

  1. Google Drive

Where do you keep the necessary documents, educational videos, images and other files maybe in pendrive. But if it gets spoiled or lost, then your important data can be lost forever.

But now you can store all the files online, which you can use whenever you need them whenever you want. Such a best and free service gives you a Google drive. If your phone already has this app then you can use it as a tool in your studies.

  1. Quora

Quora can also play an elegant role in education related problems for students. Well, this is an online forum where you can ask your question in any topic.

You must also question your teacher in the classroom. If you are not in the class or are you looking for an answer to a question that you are not satisfied then ask your questions in Quora.

This forum is linked to people all over the world. You will get different and interesting answers on a topic. This will increase your knowledge too.

Just make it your profile in it. You can then ask questions related to your subjects or whatever. i hope these applications will be helpful for you.


So Dear student / parents, these were useful top 10 apps for students studying which can be used as learning tools and helping tools in education.

If you have a smartphone and you are a student then these apps can make a lot of difference in your education. Your learning and understanding can change a lot in speed. Just make sure you use these apps correctly.

I have given details of all these applications in this post, how can you as a student use them in their education. If there are any questions related to this, write down in the comment box below.



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    amit, very useful post . some app i do not know.but you can explain very well.
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